Monday, June 16, 2014

My Favorite Quilt

Have you been reading the "My Favorite Quilt" posts in blogland lately? Me, too, and since I don't have anything new on the design wall -- here is my own favorite quilt!

This Triple  Irish Chain quilt was made by my Great-Grandmother in the late 1890s.

I received the quilt in 2002 from my Aunt Frances, my mother's older sister. Based on family history, I believe the quilt was made in Paonia, Colorado, where my grandmother owned a boarding house.

The quilt is entirely hand-pieced and heavily hand-quilted. Here is a close-up of some of the quilting:

It's difficult to seen in a photograph, but the last squares in each background block are hand-applique'd.

The fabric is a variety of indigo blues on a white muslin background.

My aunt also gave me a photocopy of a photo of her grandmother, Emma Giddings Carson. I love that she is doing needlework in this photo -- it looks like embroidery.

Bobbie Aug, an AQS certified quilt appraiser, appraised the quilt for me in 2002. At that time, she set the insurance value at $2600! The quilt is carefully stored in an archival-quality box with paper rolled along the folds to save the fabric from breaking.

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Tomorrow is the 90th day of Spring -- I am binding my Quilt Block a Day (BaD) quilt so I can share the finished product on Friday!

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  1. What a wonderful gift! It is just gorgeous!

  2. What a wonderful piece of family history.

  3. This quilt is a great treasure, beautiful. I guess she was cross-stitching. Hugs

  4. How beautiful! And so impressive, all done by hand.

  5. That is a beauty and one of my favorite patterns!

  6. How lovely to have something passed down through the family like that. It came to the right person I think!

  7. What beautiful piece of family history - priceless. Have you considered making a copy to use? Although I don't think I would be able to do something like that by hand, she must have had such patience. The quilt is in beautiful condition too. Gill

  8. What a lovely quilt and how wonderful that you know it's history.

  9. What beautiful craftwomanship!! Priceless.

  10. Absolutely stunning! What a fantastic legacy to be entrusted with.

  11. what a treasure!! So glad you shared it. I shared my favorite quilt at

  12. Wow what an awesome gift and precious keepsake. Love the picture of your grandmother and doing handwork.
    Thanks for sharing


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