Monday, May 26, 2014

What's on the Design Wall?

Whew! I finally finished piecing the Farmer's Wife quilt -- 111 blocks. I'll post a photo of the finished quilt when it comes back from the quilter.

In the meanwhile, I joined the "From Marti and Me" club to expand my use of Marti Michell's incredible templates. Nuts 'n Bolts Needleworks in Woodland Park sponsors the FMM club each month. The first project I started is one I've had on my "quilter's dream sheet" for a long time: Seven Sisters Simplified.

Seven Sisters
(Photo from Marti Michell)

Marsha did a great job teaching this technique. Using MM's templates really makes this complicated-looking block easy! Here  is my first "Seven Sisters" block:

I'm thinking I'll use my overgrown stash of Civil War reproductions to make the rest of the blocks for this stunner.

I'm behind on the Quilt Block a Day project, so excuse me while I go whip up some more Bethlehem Star blocks!

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  1. On my bucket list too! Please post how you are doing it in detail. I was thinking of piecing one by hand using Inklingo a while back.

  2. Not for the faint hearted! You will whiz through it in no time.

  3. What an awesome choice!!!! It's on my list to make. My wonderful MIL was a part of the Marti and Me club, and I do believe she has every template and pattern that Marti makes! Anyway, I was going through her drawer of Marti Michelle items, and I saw the Seven Sisters and I knew I had to make it! Well, I haven't started, but it's on my list. And I have a nice stash of Civil War prints my dear MIL gave me!

  4. That really is a beautiful block - and it looks incredibly complicated! Maybe a subject for a Tuesday Tool Demo?

  5. You know, these comments (some of whom are from no-reply commenters, sorry I can't answer directly!) make me think -- maybe we should do a QAL? Definitely a Tuesday Tool post!

  6. You may remember seeing this one on my blog. Mine is at the quilters trying to figure out what quilting pattern to use on it. There aren't many designs for it that we could find. If you do find one please share. Will you be doing yours all in blues? I used many different colors and Kerry did one too using only red/white/blue.

  7. I actually am one of seven sisters (and 3 brothers) and woul love to make this quilt, but it always seemed daunting to me!


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