Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursdays are for Knitting

Have you had a laugh yet this morning? Maybe this will help.

As I sat in front of the TV watching "Dr. Who" (I know who Riversong is!) last evening, I heard a tremendous crash coming from the sewing room. I got up and investigated but didn't find the ironing board collapsed, or the pizza boxes of quilt projects fallen off the counter. I even looked under the wet bar to see if the empty storage bins were newly un-stacked. Not. So I gave up and went back to knitting.

I finished two cashmere merino hat for my great nieces. This morning I went into the "yarn room" (formerly My Little Sailor's darkroom, you move you lose, Jacob). And this is what I found:

The Devil Cat of Doom, Moussa Koussa, had pushed off the bins of superwash wool. You can see they are full, so they aren't lightweight. I only hope she wasn't searching out that snake that moved into my basement last Fall . . . !

The "My Year in Temperatures" scarf is taking shape! Here is what it looked like at the end of February:

A few "below zero" days resulted in a wide pink and purple swath early in the month. The stripes are starting to migrate into blue and even green now. It's supposed to be near 70 degrees F (that's 21 C) today. the sky is Colorado cerulean blue this morning and Pikes Peak is covered with snow -- that's the reason to live in Colorado! 

I bought a fun new book of quilt blocks yesterday at Ruth's Stitchery. It is a giveaway for someone who suggests a block for the Block a Day challenge on Facebook. Go to this post to comment for a chance to win!  

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  1. Your scarf is looking beautiful! I hope your cat was just playful and there is no snake lurking under those containers. :O)

  2. That must have made quite a crash!

    That scarf is such a great idea and it looks so pretty too.

  3. I think I'm in love with your neon yarns that fell over! I'm not doing a temperature scarf, so it's very cool to see what one would look like in very close to my neck of the woods. I love the color variations so far!

  4. 21C - perfect weather! we are still high 20s but slowly dropping down...
    Scarf is looking great -its such an interesting idea.
    Cats - such ingenious creatures sometimes . .

  5. I hope the cat didn't get squished by the falling boxes of yarn! The scarf is looking fabulous! :o)

  6. That made me smile, some cats are just like toddlers "Into everything".
    I have been thinking about the new block and I would love to do an old fashioned block, called brides bouquet. I would not attempt it on my own as it looks a bit tricky for this beginner, but with the support of the online community of more experienced quilters, I'd love to try.

  7. 21C is perfect in my book! We're heading into that weather now in Australia in autumn. Cool mornings, and blue skies and sunny days.


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