Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Stash and Giveaway Winner

Good thing fabric doesn't go bad, and Justin says, "It's OK to buy it just because you think it's pretty!" Smart kid, huh?

Maybe for Lent I should have given up buying "low volume" fabric. Now that I'm looking for it, I find it everywhere!

I made a test block with my "low volume" fabrics as background today. I think I'll make this block for my "Block a Day" challenge this Spring. No photo until March 18, when the Block a Day tutorial posts!

Here are some other goodies I added to the Stash this month. I fell in love with Robert Kaufman's "Fox and the Houndstooth" collection at Trelotta. This was clearly a "just because I like it" purchase -- but isn't that what Fat Quarters are for?

It's a good idea to always have one or two baby quilts on hand and ready for giving. Sarajane's "Wee Wander" is my favorite because it will work for a baby girl or a baby boy.

I won this cutie in a giveaway. It's by Cosmo Cricket for Moda, but I can't find the collection name. I think it will make a really cute bag, though!

One of my favorite etsy shops is FreshSqueezedFabrics. The best part is, I can send Randi a message and ask her to put together something good for me, and she always does! Won't this camera print make an excellent journal cover for My Little Sailor the photographer?

You know I can never resist a bargain bundle. And this stack of fat quarters from Pink Castle Fabrics has a lot of modern prints I don't already own, squeeee!

I won one of the first door prizes at the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild retreat last weekend. Which meant I got to choose my prize -- and of course, I chose the charm pack of Denyse Schmidt's new "Ansonia." DS generously provided several selections of her not-even-released-yet fabrics for the Guild to give away as door prizes. 

I'll be shopping for a fat quarter bundle of this collection, since lucky Megan won that!

I've told you about the newest shop in Colorado, Cotton Candy Quilt Shop in Loveland. Chrystal generously provided fat quarters for everyone! I don't know how she managed to sneak my favs into my swag bag:

About That Giveaway

A lot of followers commented on the post about the Block a Day Challenge. You'll have to wait until Tuesday, March 18 to find out what block we'll be sewing each day during Spring. I found this great book at Ruth's Stitchery for the giveaway. I think "25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks" is appropriate for this giveaway, don't you?

Martingale - 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks (Print version + eBook bundle)

Mr. True chose:

Who was Ariana, who said:

Congratulations, Arianna! I've sent you an email asking for your postal address so I can get the book in the mail for you!

Tomorrow is Scrappy Sunday and I am determined to get the borders on my Celtic Solstice Mystery. What will you be working on?

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  1. Your "mystery fabric" is from the S'More Love collection. It's a favorite of mine! It's been out a while, but there is still some available online.

  2. I will be working on a quilt repair for a friend. I'm just ready to get it done...but it is taking sooooo long! All hand stitching of rips, tears, and holes on the top, then I still have to quilt and bind it. If I can get it done, then I'll move on to my March UFO quilt.

    1. Joy, that kind of work is indeed a "jewel in your crown." You are a good friend!

  3. what lovely fabrics. Here in England, if we ever bought anything with no immediate use in mind, or stocked up on anything that was on sale, my Gran used to say, "well it won't cost you anything to keep". in other words if you don't have to feed it, it''s worth having in your cupboard until you need it.
    In the case of fabric, I enjoy just having it to look at and plan. I don't buy shoes, hand bags or jewellery, so fabric is my indulgence :-)

  4. I love the new DS line - I can't wait to get my hands on some (once I have completed my fabric fast of course!)

  5. So excited that I won the book! Thanks for having the giveaway :). However, I have not received your email :(.

  6. Working on a quilt as you go withYellow green, orange, red orange, and yellow. Bright for spring!

  7. I LOVE the fox fabric.......what does the fox say?????

  8. More fabulous fabrics, Marti. I keep telling my hubby that it's a good thing fabric isn't fattening! :oD

  9. I did give up buying any and all fabric for Not even a week in and I am sooooo weak! Have had to close out of more than one shopping cart! My objective is to use use use! Can't wait till March 18 :)


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