Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Downton Abbey Retreat Report

It's no secret I love quilt retreats. And I love Downton Abbey. What could be better than to combine the two?

Around the Block Quilt Shop in Cheyenne sponsored a weekend retreat with a "Downton Abbey" theme. The retreat was held at the Nagle Warren Mansion in downtown Cheyenne, now a Bed and Breakfast. Barbara planned fun "trivia quizzes" complete with prizes, a pop-up shop of the entire line of Downton Abbey fabrics from Andover, and delightful entertainment at our Saturday afternoon "tea."

[PS If your Downton Abbey fabric collection isn't complete, click here to contact the shop!]

Breakfast was served in the c. 1880s dining room.

My favorite quilters, Grandma and Granddaughter, enjoyed working on the Around the Block Downton Abbey quilt.

Look! my nails match the DA fabric! The polish is "Molly Coddled" by butter London.

Susan Vincenzes is making a film about Downton Abbey quilts. Luana interviewed me about my quilting experience. I'm glad I had just written this post, so I had most answers to her questions already thought out.

We had a special guest speaker, Cindy Brick, AQS-certified quilt appraiser. Sharing a personal trunk show, she taught us so much about dating and restoring antique quilts.

This is my favorite. The setting blocks are a yummy bubblegum pink print.

This quilt looks just like the one my Great-Grandmother made in the 1890s!

Who knew there are several shades of this green -- I've always called it "Poison Green." The specific shade dates the fabric to a particular era.

Cindy also shared several "crazy quilts" and silk quilts. Watch for another "crazy quilts" exhibit coming at the Denver Art Museum.

These prints are from the "Edith" collection. The colors are so much more to my liking than the duller blues and purples.

I only completed four blocks, the "Titanic" block from Ebony Love's Downton Abbey Mystery QAL. Susan found the labels on the UK fabric website and printed one for each of us to label our quilt. Thanks, Susan! And also thank you, Betty, for sharing your photos!

I hope Barbara will host another retreat -- I'll be there!

How is your March UFO coming along? Only one week 'til the next UFO Parade!

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  1. That looks like ALOT of fun! Thanks for sharing! My Number 4 is slowly coming together (well apart as cushions - the UFO was abandoned because I hadn't cut accurately and the blocks wouldn't go together!) Gill

  2. I spy a FW. did the rest of you sew on Singer treadles just to stay in period? looks like a great weekend.

  3. Looks like a great time was had! My husband and I stayed in the mansion a few years ago on one of our cross country trips and loved it…your pics brought back happy memories..thanks for sharing :)

  4. What a great idea to have a D/A retreat! I wonder if the granddaughter sewing on the featherweight knows how special that is??? Thank you for sharing. I love the D/A fabrics.

    1. Mary, so sorry I have to reply here rather than by email -- I couldn't find any contact info for you. Wish I could have come to the Mid Atlantic show with you -- I attended that show when it was still at the hotel in Williamsburg!

  5. I had no idea you were photographing! (Gee, I look tired...well, I was.)

    Thanks so much for mentioning the retreat, and my talk. If your readers want more info, visit my website (Brickworks) at www.cindybrick.com. My blog visited the mansion, too:


    1. Cindy, it's all my poor photography skills! Your talk was great, and we learned a lot! Can't wait for your new book!


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