Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Tip and Tool

First of all, if you're looking for the Grow Your blog giveaway, it's here!

I did finish the first blog of my newest BOM project yesterday -- but it was after dark, so no photo until this morning.  Here it is:

It's the first block in Marti Michell's newest BOM quilt, Bordered Rows. Here's a photo of the quilt from Marti's website:

Bordered Rows thumbnail

I'm making mine with the folks at Stitcher's Garden, down the road in Pueblo. They are all such fun, and the best place for Mexican food is right next door!

This quilt uses Marti Michell's  Set "L" templates:

If you've never used Marti's templates -- try them! The clever little corner notches make your pieces go together perfectly!

I do recommend using Omnigrid's "InvisiGrip" on the back of each template. InvisiGrip is a clear plastic that clings to the reverse of the acrylic templates and helps keep them from shifting while you're cutting the fabric.

I "rough cut" out the shape while it is still attached to the paper backing:

Then peel the plastic away from the backing and smooth it onto the template:

I keep one rotary cutter just to cut paper or plastic, and trim away the excess InvisiGrip:

Some of the templates are quite small, so using InvisiGrip really makes cutting with them easier.

Everyone at Stitcher's Garden is so excited about this quilt, we're going to do two blocks per month so we have time to do the setting strips together before the end of the year. 

Come back next Monday to see the second block!

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  1. What brilliant tools! I've never seen anything like that here in England. I was still drawing round cardboard templates and cutting them up with scissors, up until a few years ago :-D

  2. I have used Invisigrip for rulers I wonder why I never thought of using it on the templates. Just to obvious I guess or I like to do things the hard way.

  3. I haven't used invisigrip before, but I've clear contacted on the back of my rulers so the numbers and lines don't rub off after lots of use. You have such lovely hands and a manicure! My hands look much older than yours. I know that hands show your age first, but I still haven't kept mine up well!


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