Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Scraps and Superbowl Knitting

For many knitters and quilters, Superbowl Sunday is just one big, long day of stitching! It's lucky I don't really care about football, because my "local" team, the Denver Broncos, and my "home" team, Seattle Sewhawks, face off for the honors today. 


Since I've decided to dedicate Sundays only to my Celtic Solstice mystery, I have no progress to show you. Here's a little scrappy eye candy that is on the cutting table being prepped for binding:

I sewed this same pattern twice, I like it so much! Here is the first finish, Payette Lake Sunset:

I finished the scrappy mystery last May at Granny's Attic Quilting in the Pines, and I'm just now getting the binding on! 

Cornelia quilted the Baptist Fan design on it for me. I love that quilting design, I'll be asking for it again!


The first month of my "My Year in Temperatures" scarf is finished! It is so fun to look at the stripes and say "Oh, yeah, I remember that day it was 60 degrees then plummeted to below zero!"

I read where someone who is knitting the same pattern braided the yarn ends -- which is a lot easier than working in 724 ends!

The color that is dominant depends on which side of the scarf is "up." this is going to be one loooonnnng scarf, it's 10" long with only one month's temperatures recorded!

Last week I showed you a photo of my Denver Broncos "Rain Down" hat. I finished the Seattle Seahawks hat Thursday night:

If you've never knit with two colors, this is an excellent first colorwork project. Here are my boys, the Denver fan and the Seattle fan, head-to-head:


New month, new page on the calendar. This is my 2014 Idaho Wilderness Calendar, available from Hiking Idaho. My friends who know I hate to return by the same route I went out will understand the sentiment for this month:

The photos is of the Snake River, taken south of Kuna -- where I lived for the first 8 years of my life.

Tomorrow I will show you my newest BOM project, Bordered Rows by Marti Michell. I can't wait!

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  1. I absolutely love the first quilt - Scrappy Mystery. It is exactly the type of pattern and mix of colours that got me hooked on quilts when I was a child! Gill

  2. Thanks, Gill! I have quite a collection of Civil War reproduction fabrics, even though I don't use them often.

  3. Not being a very experienced knitter, I thought you would leave the ends as a funky fringe, so I vote for braids :-)
    I was very interested to see your 2 quilts, I am always surprised anew, at how 2 quilts can look so different with different colour choices.

  4. I love the quilts, great work. We were cheering for the Seattle Seahawks. My youngest daughter and friends were having a Superbowl party but I didn't stay up to watch as it started showing at 11pm here and I had work today. The scarf looks fun and I like the idea of braids down the sides.

  5. Braiding the yarn ends is a brilliant idea, Marti! I was thinking that your scarf would be 120" long after 12 months but, of course it won't! "30 days hath September" and all that means it'll be a few rows short of 10 feet long! Phew! LOL

  6. I love scrappy quilts. I was poking around on your side bar and clicked your "scrap vomit" post and was tickled to see you using (and giving a tutorial) on the June Tailor Shape Cut. I own 3; 2 - 12" and one 18". I had to buy the second 12" when my first one got caught by the wind while carrying it to the car. Duct tape fixed it, but then I left it "in the car" and it warped. So, my lesson was to make a bag that my shape cuts and mat would fit in for easier carrying to group activities and NEVER leave them in the car in warm weather; or make sure they are flat in the trunk. I figure I cut about 4000 squares for church quilts with that first one! My favorite tool for strips and blocks.

    1. Mary, I love the Shape Cut rulers -- especially since I make at least one Strip quilt per month for Ruth's Stitchery's Jelly Roll Party!


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