Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Stash Report

It's been over a month since I've reported on Stash Enhancement. So it looks as though I've gone wild in the quilt shops! But really, this is a month's worth of FARTs (that's Fabric Acquisition Road Trips if you didn't know).

In no particular order, here are my "scores" for 2014. First, a few more Low Volume prints. I love "text" prints, and Nana's Quilt Cottage has some cute ones. Plus, she does "Groovy Girls" each month! Look for a report on the clever notions bag we made this month.

Before I go on, I have to tell you a funny story about DH and Low Volume fabrics. You know how January is depressing, right? Especially when the wind blows constantly! So it's easy to do some serious online fabric shopping, just to take the edge off.

So I bought a lot of Low Volume fabrics in January.  I was receiving a package in the mail about twice a week. Near the end of the month, when the last (I think) package arrived, DH was standing beside me when I opened it. He commented, "Oh, that's some more of that Low Volume fabric."  Then, "Aren't you proud that I recognize that?"

Well, actually, I'm embarrassed that I bought so much LV fabric that he knew what it was!

Here is my "biggest and best" score for the month.  Just look at this stack of bolt ends and scraps! I should sort it out and store the fabrics with their "mates," but I get such a kick out of seeing what a steal it was!

Trelotta Modern Crafting and Quilting in Denver had a great sale in January. This is "Wish" by Valori Wells:

And here is the complete collection of Denyse Schmidt's "Florence."

I bought the rest of the bolt of DS's "Cactus Calico," because I'll need a backing for my "Florence" quilt! Half price!

I wonder if DH has figured out that I offer to drive him to meetings in Denver not out of the goodness of my heart, but because there are so many great quilt shops up there?

Have you seen Free Spirit's "True Colors" in person yet? YUMmy! Here is Anna Maria Horner's collection:

And here is Heather Bailey's:

I think I'll use Heather's to make this modern quilt, Sur le Bord from Metropolitan Quilt:

The most fun acquisition was a Mini Cooper Clubman, named "Black Jack," for DH's birthday-ending-in-a-zero. Photo to follow!

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  1. I wonder how many yards of fabric will fit in a Mini Cooper? Love the fabrics!

  2. LOL Judy, I too wonder!!
    Clubman's are an ace!
    I had a buttercup yellow with black interior mini when I was a bright young thing, which Id spontaneously swapped my Viva for on a whim in a garage.
    ( Viva was pale green with a bottle green interior, you can see what sensible method of buying cars I employed cant you? lol)
    Too late I realised the Viva had a full tank of petrol, fantastic spot lights and had a far more sensible boot to stash my buys from overseas in, on return home flights!
    Hope that scarf matches Black Jack!

  3. I envy your American gals with all those quilt shops! and I love the FARTS no I didn't know what that was :-D

  4. LOL - I think you have a serious addiction Marti!
    DH may prefer to drive himself these days - you might just have to beg a lift. and sneak off on the precious automobile while he's busy.


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