Monday, December 8, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Are you joining in on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery?

I love a mystery, and I look forward each year to Bonnie's new project at!

Here are parts of the first two steps:

Using my Bloc_Loc ruler to check if my HSTs are truly 2.5" -- they are!

UPDATE:  Granny Maud's Girl asked about the Bloc_Loc rulers. They are my absolute, all-time, total favorite for making perfect HSTs (and even more for Flying Geese!)  Here is the link to my post describing how to use the Bloc_Loc HST ruler.

Becky asked what method I used for the rectangles. I used the flip-and-sew method. One of the ladies at Ruth's "Bonnie Hunter Mystery Sew-Along" used the EZ Angle method with good results. I swore to myself that I would save the cut-offs, but I caved and tossed them in the "cat bed donation scraps" bin!

Here are some bits for part two.  Love that bright pink!

I'll have a new finish to share on Friday!


  1. Which method did you use for the rectangles? I've never used templates for piecing so I think I would opt for the stich and flip method if I was doing the mystery this year.

  2. Loving the bright colours, should look amazing!

  3. Are those BlocLoc rulers as helpful as they look? One day I plan to treat myself.

  4. Yay for a new finish later in the week. :) Love your Mystery fabrics. Hey, Marti - what is the BH Sew Along that Ruth's is doing?

  5. Thanks for the update with the answers to our questions, Marti! :)

  6. I love my Bloc Loc rulers - thanks to you for introducing me! Gill

  7. I did Celtic Solstice and loved it, but haven't decided if I am doing this one.

  8. Yes, I'm in. I have done Carolina Christmas and Celtic Solstice - but they're not quilted yet - only made half. I love the colors of this one. I used method 2 in part 2 - couldn't get my printer to print the templates the right side.

  9. I am doing it too; but got way-layed by a bad cold. I have my HST all done from clue 1. I love my June Tailor "Perfect Half Square - Quarter Square triangle ruler" for marking and squaring up. I have clue 2 all cut and marked for flip and sew. I use the JT Shape Cut for strips and sub-cuts into rectangles and squares. While I was suffering with the cold I sat and marked all my pieces. So; nearly 2 weeks behind, but hoping to restart in the next day or so and get caught up!


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