Saturday, December 7, 2013

UFO Parade Addendum and Traveling Treasures Winner

I wouldn't normally write a post with two un-related subjects. However, this is my "busy" week with quilt classes and I really, really want you all to see Debra's gorgeous redwork. And I know you are waiting to see who won the Traveling Treasures giveaway, so . . . . 

UFO Parade

Thanks to the mysteries of the interweb, I somehow lost Debra's submission for the December 1 UFO Parade. Which is sad, because it's a beauty! Rather than make you all wait until next month to see her finish, I'll show it now.

I'm leaving the photos "biggie size" so you can click on them and see the detail.

Here is what Deb wrote about her finish:

My #3 is finally done with one more to complete the year.  Are you going to be doing this again next year? If so, I would like to sign up - this has been fun - if I wasn't such a procrastinator I would be done much quicker (I think) but this forces me to complete a quilt a month.
My Item 3 is actually two pieces. The first is called Ima Flake by Tricia Cribbs. It is a redwork stitchery of a gramma knitting snowflakes.  The second piece is a Bird Brain Designs pattern called Santa Portrait Trio Redwork. I am really pleased with the way both of the stitcheries came out and by next December they will be quilted and bound - hehehehhehe!!!
I am ready for the last challenge of the year and really appreciate you putting this all together. I love the parades - they are truly inspirational.
Now you see why I feel so bad about losing Debra's submisssion! Gorgeous, huh? And I envy people who can do handwork like that. Deb, please accept my apology for losing you. I hope you won't let this keep you from playing along next year with "12 Finishes in 2014!"

Traveling Treasures

It has been so much fun reading from where everyone reads "52 Quilts!" It's still dark in Colorado, so I'll take a photo of my "pinned" map later today and post it with tomorrow's Celtic Solstice Mystery report.

Because the Traveling Treasures envelope came to me from Brisbane, Australia, I am delighted to report that the Random Number Generator chose number 42 (the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything):

Who happens to be from South Australia!

Pinnylea, I found an email button on your profile page, but my email server didn't want to contact you. So please, please, send me an email at Aunt Marti at 52 Quilts dot com and tell me your postal address! I've been collecting Colorado goodies to send to you! Congratulations!

Negative 8 Fahrenheit (that's negative 22 Celsius!) this morning. I wish I could come visit you in Australia!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature


  1. Congratulations to Pinnylea! Keep warm in those freezing temperatures, Marti!

  2. Well Done Debra and Congratulations to PinnyLea.. I do think you should jdut hop on the plane...we are sweltering....

  3. Love Deb's finishes, very sweet for Christmas! Of all the places in the world to pick out the town Pinnylea lives in is only 5 minutes from my in-laws, which is about 40 minutes away from me! I'm with Susan, come on down Marti!

  4. Thank you so much for putting my stitcheries in. You didn't need to make a special entry for me. Nothing, nothing, nothing will keep me from participating in 14 in 2014. I love the challenge and the parades - they are so inspiring to me. Keep the hot cider and chocolate going - it's Brrrrrrrr!!! there in Colorado. Have a wonderful, blessed day Aunt Marti. Debra

  5. I agree that Deb's work is super! I have not attempted red work, but truly admire it. I don't' think it is as forgiving as some of the other things I do :-)

  6. Hi Aunti Marti - my email won't now work with yours!!! Travelling Treasures safely navigated the holiday post and arrived yesterday. What a wonderful assortment of goodies to chose from. Thank you. I haven't yet worked out a plan for choosing the next lucky lady but I'll blog about it when I do XX


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