Monday, September 16, 2013

Working with Winnings -- Design Wall Monday

My "13 in 2013" UFP Challenge quilt for this month is "Cobblestone Road" from Cozy Quilts.

Cobblestone Road

 I'm sewing it with the Circa 1934 fabric I won in my very first "Schnibbles" entry. That was back in June of 2012 -- I guess the fabric has aged enough that I can actually sew it up now!

Here is the quilt so far. It is supposed to have two borders, but I'm leaning toward "Skip the Borders" for this one:

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Still raining in Colorado, but it's supposed to warm up and dry out as the week progresses!

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  1. Aged fabric! That's why I need so much of it, it needs to properly age before using, like fine wine.

  2. Love your rendition... it's a great pattern and the aged fabric suits it.

  3. Yep fabric does age as it gets the strokes before you can bring yourself to cut into it

  4. I have a lot of aged fabric and I am glad to see you using yours. I like the quilt so far.

  5. Thats a very clever but simple pattern by the looks of it. I'm a fan of no borders too - not all quilts HAVE to have a border.

  6. I'm working on the theory that if you put all your fabric together in a dark room for long enough it might breed. You never know, right?! Perhaps I should seek a sponsor to conduct some clinical research! I'm on the side of no border either. Let the binding do the talking!

  7. I like your version, lighter and brighter. I've been watching the flooding via our news service, this is as severe as the floods we had two years ago here in Australia, my wishes to everyone involved.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I am sorry I couldn't find an address to send a personal reply.

  8. Yes, I do love your lighter version!

  9. Marti...this is fantastic. The colors are wonderful.


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