Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Tool: Another Flying Geese Method

It's no secret I don't like making Flying Geese blocks. It's also no secret that I love the Bloc Loc rulers.

Well, guess what? They also make a Flying Geese ruler!  Yippee!  They come in four sizes, and lucky for me, one size is perfect for this month's Designer Mystery BOM block.

The ruler uses the rectangle+two squares method of making the geese:

Each square is sewn onto the rectangle diagonally:

The grooves in the Flying Geese Bloc Loc fit perfectly over the seams of the "wings."

Trim all four sides, and:

Voila!  A perfect geese!

Maybe not as fast as some other methods, but certainly the most accurate.

Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday -- come back and see my new project!

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  1. mmm is that a perfect goose or geese?? - whatever - I can see the advantage of that ruler too...

  2. Bloc-Loc actually has a lot of other sizes for FG. They have some really small ones that Jo Morton asked for, and a great big one for another designer (I forget who). If they are not on the website, I'm sure an email would get you the info. I just saw them at their booth in Paducah.

  3. Hmm, I've never made these, so I must buy a ruler so I have an excuse!

  4. The ruler looks useful! I really like the contrast of colors in the block that you mad can't wait to see it completed!

  5. Mmm the ruler looks fun and the fabric in the blocks is yummy. What are you making this time?

  6. It’s perfect! Thanks to Bloc Loc rulers! It has really helped a lot. I’ve heard that flying geese is also theory applied in management. It’s “V” formation according to scientists, creates uplifting for the bird immediately following. Thus is applied to individuals, it fosters teamwork, esprit de corp and discipline among employees.


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