Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday: It's a Mystery!

This week's WIP is also my April UFO project.  It's a mystery quilt I started last summer at Quilt Colorado 2012.  The designer is Linda Ballard of Let's Quilt.

"Mystery at Quilt Colorado" is probably the most "mysterious" mystery quilt I've made.  You really had to sew all the steps before a clue emerged as to what the quilt would look like!

A further mystery:  I knew, I just knew, I had lots of the fabric I used left over. I needed more of the "dark" fabric to make the borders. But I couldn't find it -- my sewing room is a disaster area, the result of an energetic search for the extra fabric.

Amazingly, I awoke this morning with the thought "it's on the bolt."  You see, I have a dozen or so bolts of fabric stored behind my cutting table, mostly backings and background fabrics.  I moved the cutting table out, and there it was!

I have the twelve blocks complete, next I will work on the sashing and the pieced border.

Saturday at Front Range Modern Quilt Guild, Kari presented a wonderful talk on "color."  She suggested translating a photo of our quilts to grayscale to see if the contrast is adequate.

I'm very happy to report the contrast for this quilt is excellent!  Kari, thanks for the excellent tip!

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It's going to be "down to the wire" to get this UFO complete before the end of the month!  How is your's coming?  Email me a photo when you get it finished!

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  1. Wow. This is beautiful. I love it in colour and black & white.

  2. I learned the black and white trick when I started my watercolor quilt - one of my UFOs for 2013!

  3. very cool. the pattern and colors are nice giving it a nice warm balanced feel. I like this a lot.

  4. The quilt looks fab in colour and in black and white! :o)

  5. This looks lovely so look forward to seeing the finish. I have a bit to do on mine as well so it will be down to the wire I think. Hugs Noela.

  6. This looks great so far - can't wait to see the final quilt!

  7. Glad you found your fabric so you can finish your quilt! It looks great. I'm nearly there with April's project, just some hand stitching to go!

  8. That "grey scale" works really well doesn't it - I think you certainly passed the test!

  9. Ok and I have something in common now!!! I took that mystery class from Linda Ballard as well! I did it in all greens. I am spoiled because Linda lives about 15 minutes away from me. I get to quilt some of her quilts and go to a retreat of hers (or two) a year. I LOVE her! :D

  10. I'm tying a whole cloth piece I put together a few months back. It's going well and looks super. As does your sawtooth in color and grayscale. Isn't that a useful tip-translating it to black and white and seeing the contrasts come alive for you ?~!


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