Friday, April 26, 2013

Finish it up Friday

Well, no trip to Colorado Quilt Council for me tomorrow.  I still have two quilts to finish before the weekend is over!

I did finish piecing my April "Vintage Schnibbles."  This month's quilt is "Hat Trick."  I used 1930s reproduction scraps for this cute nine-patch wall hanging, and muslin for the setting squares and triangles. It's the 15th quilt I've pieced this year.

My friend Holly always wanted a purple kitchen, and her current house indeed has a purple kitchen.  She is moving this summer, and will be living in a rental -- so no more purple kitchen!  I used purple for the center squares on this quilt, and will bind it in purple, so she will at least have a purple quilt!

I emailed this one to Sinta for the Vintage Schnibbles parade.  Check it out on Sinta's blog next Wednesday.

I've also finished the piecing for next Friday's Jelly Roll Party sample.  The pattern is "At Sea" from Cozy Quilts.  This quilt marks the first time I've tried Sharyn Craig's "cutting corners" ruler, and I've got to say, the ruler is worth the money it cost.  I'm going to try one of the patterns she included with the ruler -- when I have some sewing time to spare.

Quilt #16 for 2013, "At Sea" is made with a jelly roll of Edyta Sitar's Laundry Basket batiks.  I'm quilting it using Cheryl Malkowski's "Flames" quilting design from her doodle Quilting book. I was inspired to try this quilting motif by Barb Shie's quilting on a recent Brown Bag Surprise quilt from Ruth's Stitchery

Linking up to Thank Goodness it's Finished Friday at What a Hoot!

I really must get my April UFO quilt finished -- 126 HSTs, and three borders, and it's finished!  Come back Wednesday for the April UFO parade!

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  1. Still love the "At Sea".
    A purple kitchen...that would be fun but I'm not sure I'd be so brave...

  2. ooo - your At Sea with Edyta's jelly roll is gorgeous! Love those pops of turquoise. And that's so very sweet of you to make the quilt with purple for your friend. I bet it makes her cry. :)

  3. These two quilts are gorgeous, Marti! :o)

  4. Great finishes. I really like your At Sea one.

  5. Super pretty purples, my kitchen is light blue and the purple accents would be so perfect-I think you have convinced me to go this route. Thanks.

  6. Quilts 15 and 16 are very nice. I'm sure your friend will love her purple wall hanging. Are you further along on your April UFO now? Sandi


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