Monday, April 1, 2013

March UFO Parade

Look at you!  Twelve quilters sent photos of their March UFO finishes -- and several of you finished more than one UFO in March.

I also finished my #1 UFO, the 2010 Colorado Shop Hop quilt:

When I worked at University of Denver, a co-worker and I "hopped"  every summer. Linda was one of those people who would learn to quilt "when she retired." So she often bought color-coordinated bundles of fat quarters "just because it's pretty." She asked me once "what do people do with these bundles of fabric?"  I answered, "Well, some people take them apart and make quilts from them!"

The funniest part of that story is, when Linda retired from DU a few years ago -- she learned to knit!

Before the parade begins, here is the selection for April's UFO:


My #2 UFO is from Quilt Colorado 2012 -- I'll share the details on WIP Wednesday.

I promised Debra that her "Floribunda" quilt would lead this month's parade because somehow it got lost in my computer last month.  And what a loss, because this quilt is lovely:

No slacker, our Debra, she also finished this redwork embroidered pretty, "Four Seasons in the Garden" by Bird Brain Designs. She plans to give this to her mom for her April birthday.  Lucky Mom!

Be sure to click on the photo so you can see the detail in this quilt.  It is truly stunning!

Deb C. also has two finished this month, one is an oldie-but-goodie she started 15 years ago for her late mother-in-law and has finished for her niece:

And the other is a cute usage of a pre-printed panel:

Deb hasn't blogged these quilts yet, but you really should go to her blog, here, to read about her Bow Tucks bag!

Next up is Kerry's "extra credit" finish for 2013.  And "extra credit" is right!  Just look at this beauty:

I copied Kerry's story behind her "Dear Jane."

This is actually my extra credit #13 Dear Jane project. It was started in 2011 with blocks given to me by my quilting friends for my 50th birthday. Worked on it the last two years at Brenda Papadakis’s workshop at Empty Spools Seminar in Asilomar CA. Put the last blocks together with the help of my friend Sandi Delman. If that is not enough, I just started another Dear Jane in Red/White/Blue!

Nurse Jessi is the third quilter to accomplish multiple finishes this month -- three!  First up, she calls her "Hexi Bag" her "actual UFO that counts":

But she also finished this quilt for her grandbaby, Ainsley's "big girl bed."  I love the ric rac!

 And she also finished this Oakshott pillow sham:

PS, Jessi sometimes sells her finishes via her etsy shop.

While Deb S. also has multiple finishes this month, she features these darling Christmas stockings:

Go here to see Deb's other March finishes.  Way to be ahead of the Holiday Curve, Deb!

Lyndsey took advantage of the UK holiday weekend to finish a pile of projects.  Here is her holiday quilt, but go to her blog to see her other goodies!

Susan-down-under (should that be capitalized?) "only" managed two finishes this month.  I love her hand-embroidered wall hanging:

as well as her clever use of buttons in place of applique'!  Go to her blog, here, to read the details.

This next one is a husband-wife tag team finish. Idaho friend Martha's husband tiled their bath, and she made a shower curtain to match.  Isn't this incredible?

I don't know which came first, the curtain or the tile, but I love how the colors echo each other!

Sandi listened to nagging from me, and from another quilty friend, to include the brown-tan-orangey bits in this gorgeous quilt.  I love the way it turned out, read the details about Khambray on her blog, here.

And be sure to look for Sandi's "Seven Sisters Simplified" quilt, with a bit of purple repro fabric from Yours Truly!  I think I need to add that to my "Lifetime Quilts" list.

Irene has collected denim "chopped from every pair of jeans my husband, daughter and one son have worn" and has put it to good use.  I think this is the prettiest "rag" quilt I've ever seen!

Here is the link to Irene's new blog, A Serendipitous Retirement.  If you go visit, give her some comment love! 
Noela is on a "bag kick" this year.  Here is her March finish, "Lucy's Beach Bag."

Here is the link to her blog post about her weekend retreat at The Outlook at Boonah.  Another place I want to visit if the George Washington and My Little Sailor pull into port at Brisbane!

Sooli is cleverly practicing her free-motion quilting by making dog beds.  I hope the detail of her quilting shows up on the second photo, because it is incredible!

Read all about it here and here.

Since several of this month's "finishes" were scrap quilts, I think the prize for March should be a new scrap book.  I love Kim Brackett's books, and her newest one has some really great designs.

Martingale - Scrap-Basket Beauties (Print version + eBook bundle)

Let's see, 16 photos, and chose:

Which turns out to be Debra for her Redwork "Four Seasons in the Garden"!  How nice, I know you like to make scrappy quilts!  Send me your mailing address and I'll send you the book.  And maybe a few of my scraps?

Have fun with your #2 UFO. If I've missed your March finish, or left out a blog link, plz 2 adviz. I'll update the post as needed!

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  1. What a great parade of finishes! Maybe we could round up a few more Deb/Debras for next month...LOL

  2. Some wonderful finishes this month for sure. I'm looking forward to getting my #2 "Kalahari" started. Sandi

    p.s. Kommon Kongregation (aka Seven Sisters Simplified) finished over the weekend. Aunt Marti, your purple fabric made all the difference!

  3. Yay Debra! Your quilt is beautiful and the redwork is amazing! I also agree with Deb, we need more Debs next month! Hahaha

  4. Wonderful Goodies, Everyone! Thanks for sharing and Thank you, Aunt Marti- for doing this~

  5. What great work everyone, you are one talented group.

  6. Great job everyone. WooHoo my number 2 is already finished. I can skate this month. Actually, maybe I better work on number 1 since I didn't even look at it in March.

  7. I love the parade posts each month. Everyone's done a spectacular job - again! :o)

  8. Wow, there are some amazing finishes here this month. Some gorgeous quilts (and tiling!). Can't wait to get home from work and see what my No. 2 project is! Thanks for hosting Marti and congrats to Deb on her win!

  9. What a beautiful lot of finishes. Ladies you have done one fantastic job. Congratulations to Deb on her win. Hugs......

  10. Congratulations to Debra - love all that stitchery. And I love the Dear Jane - and another one in progress - amazing !! Fantastic work from everyone. Marti - Noela and I would be able to keep you busy for quite a while before we hand you over to Sooli!!! Any other Aussies???

  11. I joined Kerry's blog and plan to enjoy every step of your work in the Dear Jane quilts. Then I won't be tempted to try one!!


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