Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Scraps Score

Whew!  See this?  It's a completely empty scrap bin!  Score!

An entire day of cutting, cutting, cutting, and here is the yield:

I cut a 12" high stack of 5" squares; two 8" high stacks of 2 1/2" strips; a 6" stack of 2 1/2" squares; 4 1/2" squares; 3 1/2" squares; 2" squares; 1 1/2" squares and 1 1/2" strips.  I also cut some 5 1/2" and matching 2 1/2" squares to make a specific scrap quilt (photos to follow next week).

Plus, a big ol' bin of "strings!"  Strings are strips that are narrower than 2", but not long enough to be useful as 1 1/2" strips.  I used "strings" last summer to make this quilt:

I think it's my favorite of all the quilts I've ever made.  Now I have enough strings to make at least one more just like it!

Tomorrow is "Design Wall Monday," hope you'll come by to see what's on on my wall this week.

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  1. Lots of great cutting. Must do that one day with all my scraps and be more organised like you. Hugs....

  2. Boy you really did have some scraps! Isn't it amazing how much less room they take up when they're all neatly cut up and you're so much more likely to use them too. I've got a string quilt on my one day list too, not sure I have enough for one yet but it might be something I make at my next sewing weekend, which will be in August - bring it on!

  3. One question, Marti. Does your back ache? Mine does just thinking about all that cutting! Great job! :o)

  4. Scraps look so beautiful when they are all stacked up and orderly. I can't wait to see the project you are going to make with the 5.5 and 2.5 inch squares.

  5. Gosh - I think I'd be flaked out on the floor! How many rotary blades did you use??? LOL

  6. When you said your scrap bin was first thought was you bought a new bin LOL!!! It does take time to cut up all the scraps into usable pieces. I did it with the help of my Mom when she visited earlier this year. My bin is starting to fill up again. I suppose I should purchase another airline ticket! Sandi

  7. how great is that. wow the inspiration alone has made me tired.... and yet very excited and wanting to go and work on somethings. I just got somewhat organized so I should be getting ready soon to join you.... in some stash cleaning up.
    here is my sewing area


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