Monday, March 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday and . . . Spring?

The weather app on my iPhone read 12 degrees this morning.  Must be Spring in Colorado!

Isn't it nice that we can stay inside and quilt today?  It's Design Wall Monday, here's what's on my design wall today.

First up, the Quilt Block a Day for Spring from Anna Lena Land.  I missed doing the Winter Block a Day, so I am glad to get started on the Chevron Quilt this season.

I'm going to use dots for my blocks (hey, doesn't that sound like Dr. Seuss?  Blocks of dots!)  If you'd like to play along, go here to read Karen's tutorial for the Chevron Quilt.

I'm starting my second Scrap Squad quilt.  The son and to-be-daughter-in-law of my friend Susan want a purple quilt for their wedding quilt.  So I gathered all the purples in my stash, added some provided by Shayla at Quiltmaker Magazine and started cutting.  Come back tomorrow for my Tuesday Tool tutorial on the Tri-Recs ruler.

Remember last summer when I knit 16 hats in 16 days?  Never again!  So I'm knitting one hat per month for Hats for Sailors.  Here is the description of this project from the Ravelry group, Hats for Sailors:

We are providing hand-knitted and crocheted hats for sailors in the US Navy one ship at a time. It all started with Shanti who writes the blog Adventures in Paradise and had the idea to provide a handmade hat to every sailor serving on the ship she would be commanding. Lynne, her mom, made that idea a reality with the help of knitters and crocheters from all over the world. We continue to knit and crochet hats for sailors on other ships. It is cold on the ships and they can wear the hats when they are off duty. The color and design of the hat are the choice of the knitter/crocheter, but ALL HATS MUST BE 100% WASHABLE WOOL. Both men and women serve on the ships. We have two deadlines each year - Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. If you have questions about the project or want to know where to send the hats, email us at You can also read our blog at Hats for Sailors.

I forgot to post a photo of my February hat, here it is:

The yarn is "Rustic" Wool Aran from Queensland collection.  The pattern is "Windy City Hat" by Jodi Haraldson of A Caffeinated Yarn.  Pattern free on Ravelry (but you have to join Ravelry to down load the pattern).

The March had is another Ravelry pattern, Berruti by Wendy Neal.  This yarn is leftover Bergere de France Irland from making Pop-Up mittens years ago, sadly it is discontinued..  I had to curtail the rib pattern because I was running out of yarn, but the hat fits a largish head perfectly!

Tomorrow is not only Tuesday Tool day, but giveaway selection day!  Go here to comment, then come back tomorrow to see who won Gudrun Erle's book.

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  1. Marti, you are gifting me purples that you could use for your Scrap Squad quilt...let me know the size and I'll send some purples to you so that you end up with an even larger variety. Oh check the link on SCRAP SQUAD, it goes to 2012 not 2013 members. Sandi

  2. I like the Chevron block, thanks for the link as it will be fun to make and use up some of my stash. The purple block looks great.


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