Monday, March 11, 2013

Bag It! Again!

I'm becoming addicted to sewing bags!  Sara of Sew Sweetness had a new bag on the street, and yep, I test-sewed it for her.

Introducing the Petrillo  Bag:

Here is my version:

I used my favorite Sweetwater fabric, "Reunion" in deco weight, with matching polka dot handles.  The gathered flap is Reunion in red quilting weight.

Of course, I made a few modifications.  This is a largish-bag, more of a tote, or even weekender bag than a purse. (The finished size is 12" long X 15 1/2" tall.)

So I added some outside pockets.  First, a flat outside pocket to hold my phone, sunglasses and keys.

On the opposite side, I added a pocket gathered at the top with elastic.  Perfect for a water bottle, eh?

Most of Sara's bags have an inside zipper pocket.  I admit, the first bag  I tested for her, I had trouble understanding the zipper directions.  Probably thanks to my numerous questions, she has rewritten that part of the instructions so now it makes sense to me!  I love having a zipper pocket in a tote bag to hold change and my airplane ticket when traveling.

See the little label?  It reads "Made Especially for you by Aunt Marti."

My favorite feature of this bag is the padded pocket for my e-reader (or iPad, if I had one!):

The outside flap and the padded pocket close with magnets.  I used two magnets on the outside flap, although the pattern calls for only one.  I copied a computer case my DH has, and I think it keeps the bag closed more securely.

This is the brand of magnets I used, available at JoAnn.  Angie at Crafty Laine has ordered me some more from Checker Distributors.  I imagine they are stronger, but I had to finish the bag for my deadline, so Dritz it was!

The snaps are applied to the Soft and Stable lining.  That tape dispenser is there to show that I taped the magnets in place before sewing.  You can sew right over the tape, then tear it away when you're done. (Works well for sewing on buttons by machine also!)  You might think it would be difficult to sew through the rubber cover surrounding the magnets, but I had no problem doing so.

Go to Sara's post here to see all the bags other testers made.

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  1. LOVE your version of the polka dots are my favorite !!
    Wanna trade ?! LOL

  2. Beautiful - you are making all the coolest things! :)

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous, Marti! :o)

  4. Love your bag!! Sara does have some amazing patterns!

  5. Pretty cool looking bag - I'm intrigued by those magnetic closures - I think we only have the prong style here.

  6. I love this! Care to give any extra instructions for your additions to the bag? I love your fabrics and alterations!

  7. What a great bag! I love the original design but your additions of outside pockets are excellent, you can never have too many pockets I think!

  8. Polka dots, red, text... and a spot for an e-reader! I love that bag!!

  9. Absolutely love your bag! Really like the outside pockets you added. You should teach a class to our quilt guild!

  10. Really cool bag. Love the outside pockets. And the lining.


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