Friday, January 25, 2013

I Heart My Local Quilt Shop(s)

In case you missed it, yesterday was "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day."


I visited five, count them FIVE Local Quilt Shops (LQS) yesterday!

Since I was delivering DH to the Denver airport yesterday morning, I was more than halfway to my first stop:  Quilters' Stash in Windsor, Colorado.  These ladies were ready to celebrate!

Look at this mouth-watering selection of precuts!  And click on the photo so you can see that fun vest Lovely Clerk (I forgot to write down her name, but really, she was so nice!) is wearing:

Here is their motto:

Good idea, isn't it?  I scored a sale quilt kit, but I can't share it as it will be a birthday prezzie for someone I know reads my blog!

Only 30-or-so minutes north of Windsor is Ft. Collins, home of Colorado State University.  And Fig Leaf Furniture and Quilting.  That's right, the quilt shop shares space with a furniture store.

See?  I'm not making this up!

P.S., if you haven't been able to find Robert Kaufman's Essen Linen/Cotton, they have it at Fig Leaf.

As soon as I left the city limits of Ft. Collins, the wind began to blow.  I had a hard time keeping Hal (DH's Scion) on the road!

Next stop was Harriet's Treadle Arts in Wheat Ridge.  While I have to admit this store doesn't specialize in my style of fabric, years ago Harriet graciously gifted my sons with several wool quilt bats for them to try in their 4-H quilts.  So I'll always be a loyal customer.  On display in the back room are several of Harriet's own antique quilts, like this lovely:

My last stop in Denver was the Creative Needle in Littleton (south Denver).  Creative Needle has greatly expanded their selection of solid-color fabrics, so if you need a solid in an unusual color, take a gander at their Great Wall 'o' Solids:

My photo only shows a small part of their selection, the shop is small and I couldn't get far enough away to show the entire wall.

By now, it was getting dark, so I hit the freeway for a fast trip toward home and a quick stop-off in Monument at Crafty Laine.  Here is my "I <3 My LQS" contest photo:

Some special girls in my life really like the apron in this photo, so I asked Angie to right quick cut me some fabric, and I'll whip up the apron in three sizes this weekend.  Just in time for the DD and GDs to make Valentine cookies!

BTW, if you're on Facebook, please go to this post and vote for me in the "I Love My Local Quilt Shop Day Fan Contest."  I've promised to share the fabric goodness if I win!

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  1. Looks like a fun day out yesterday!!! You are so good to support the LQS's in your area. I do when the budget allows. :) Take care!

  2. I wish I had 5 LQSs close to me! Or maybe it's just as well I don't as I'd never have any money! :oD

  3. Looks like a fun time!! My LQS participated in this - but I had to work that day...:-(

  4. I voted for you! And lucky you with all the quilt shops nearby.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of shops in one day, job well done!

  6. That was too funny to run into you at Fig Leaf!! I'm glad I got to sneak out on my lunch break to support them. And then I went to a short class on working with diamond & parallelograms there Monday evening.


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