Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday

432 Half Square Triangles later:

This is my first Quiltmaker's Magazine "Scrap Squad" assignment.  I foolishly decided to make a queen-sized sample, requiring 72 blocks.  Each block has six HSTs.


I have all the blocks pieced, but not quite sewn together.  I'm using leftovers from an old Moda University project made of "Chocolat" by Three Sisters for Moda.  I did buy the background fabric, when I decided one part at least needed to be consistent.

I'm planning to gift this one to my nephew in Idaho.  Only 54 more blocks to go!

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And less than 24 hours to enter the 52 quilts "400 followers" celebratory giveaway.  Visit this post and comment for your chance to win this quilt kit!

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  1. That's a lot of HST's, it will be lovely when you're finished though!

  2. Love it. Of course I love anything with HST's. I wish I was sewing....but nope still unpacking the sewing room. So far 6 huge boxes of fabric put up and I can't count how many boxes left to go. Maybe by February I will be sewing again.

  3. Its looking great - at least you are more than half way through!! Just as well they aren't flying geese!!!

  4. That is looking so beautiful but I'm exhausted at the thought of making 432 HST.

  5. Really 400+? wow, you simply amaze me! :)

  6. The HST quilt looks amazing! :o)


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