Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quilts of Valor

Earlier this year, a group of women from Ft. Carson here in Colorado Springs deployed to Afghanistan as the "Female Engagement Team" of the 4th Infantry Division.  Fourteen women spent nine months in Afghanistan.

According to the Ft. Carson Facebook page,
Female Engagement Teams are designed to provide a more culturally sensitive approach to engaging the women of Afghanistan, and other members of the population, in order to improve relations and build support for the Afghan government and coalition forces, according to Capt. Heather Di Silvio, the officer in charge of the brigade’s FET.
Friend Terry Putzstuck decided these women deserved a quilt.  So she dove into her extensive collection of red, white, and blue fabrics and started sewing.  She is quick to say she didn't make all 14 quilts, but had help from her sister, her friends and quilters in the community.

Here are just some of the quilts that will be presented to the team when they return to Colorado this month:

All I can say is "wow."  Thank you Terry, and thank you soldiers of the Female Engagement Team and the 4th Infantry Division.

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  1. Those are incredible. This is a wonderful, selfless act from Terry and her friends and family. Kudos to Terry & her group and thank you, Engagement Team, for all that you've done. Thank you for sharing the story!

  2. Amazing! Beautiful quilts with a beautiful meaning and purpose! :)

  3. They all look great - a wonderful gift for such dedicated women.

  4. I love red, white and blue. The quilts are fantastic. My favourite is the rail fence block on point. Amazing!

  5. WOW! That is absolutely AWESOME!

  6. These are beautiful, God Bless you all


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