Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Christmas in June

Not to alarm you, but do you realize there are only   days until Christmas.

When you get your heart re-started, take a look at some early Christmas prezzies I started working on:

Doesn't Esmerelda look fetching?

And yes, that is a Christmas tree peeking over her shoulder in the first photo.  She lives in the storage room, since I rarely do fashion sewing anymore.

These scarves are absolutely the easiest thing on the planet to make.  They start from this yarn:

Which I bought at Table Rock Llamas for about $10 per skein.  I used the crochet method, even though I don't really crochet.  Both took less than one episode of "Sherlock."

And I have two more things to put away on the "prezzie shelf" in my closet!.

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