Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Inside Corners

Remember this from "Sunday is for Scraps?"

And this?

They became this:

It's the A la Mode Placemat Table Topper -- placemats and table topper in one.  The designer is Kathy Heaverlo of Birch Bay Washington.  I found Kathy's clever item on Craftsy.com by searching for "placemats" and "charm squares."  It takes only 45 charm squares plus some fabric for backing, binding and borders.

Although I've been quilting for nearly 40 years, I never had to miter an inside corner before I made this project.  Turns out, it's not so hard -- like most things -- once you know how.

Here's a tutorial for mitering inside corners.

1.  First, trim the batting and backing even with the quilt top.

2.  Next, top stitch inside the quarter inch seam line.

3.  Then trim only the batting and backing at an angle to the corner.

4.  Nip the corner to within 1/8 inch of the top stitching.

5.  On the straight side of the quilt, attach the binding as you normally would. When you approach the corner, pull the quilt that extends to the right-hand side down toward yourself so the seam is straight and parallel to the raw edge of the binding.

6.  Fold the extra fabric up and to your left so it doesn't make a tuck in the seam.

7.  When it's sewn, the seam will look like this.  Now you can trim the seam allowance through all layers at an angle to the corner.

8.  By pulling the two sides toward each other, a miter will naturally form in the binding.  You may have to "urge" it with your fingernail to fold neatly.

Because this is a placemat and will probably be washed often, I machine-stitched the binding from the right side using Superior Threads' Mono Poly as the top thread and regular cotton in the bobbin.

You can see in this photo that practice will make the corners neater.

But Chutney approves!

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  1. Easy peasy table topper and placemats. Thanks for the info on inside corners - could have done with that a few years ago!!

  2. Lovely pattern and colors! I'm going to check out the pattern. And thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Thank you for this. Now I can finish the table topper for the 40th gift for an order.

  4. I did a Merry Go Round Quilt that I entered at our county fair two years ago, tho I won Judge's Choice for the quilts, my inside binding was graded down. But wholly moly, that quilt had inside corners down the long edges of a twin sized quilt! Great information, that "B" will turn into an "A" next time!!!

  5. Hermoso el camino de mesa y muy útil el bindind esquina interior.
    Gracias, seguro que en algún momento usaré esta técnica.

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