Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday is for Scraps (and hostess gifts!)

On my trip to Idaho, I'll be visiting one of my nieces.  I realized this morning, I don't have a hostess gift for her!

Lucky for me, I have a huge collection of 5" squares, and a new pattern for a combination table-topper/placemats.

The design is based on the "disappearing 9-patch", aka "split 9-patch."  A disappearing 9-patch starts with -- surprise! -- a simple 9-patch block:

Next, slice the block through the center both horizontally and vertically.  Then turn each of the resulting four pieces one-quarter turn and reassemble the block:

I'll show you the assembly of the table-topper for Works in Progress Wednesday. 

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  1. Such a clever idea isnt it - I have made quite a few today - Birthday blocks for one of my sewing groups.

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  3. Hey,What kind of gift would you suggest from a bride to the hostesses of her after-the-fact wedding shower? My little sister recently got married, and she's stressing just a teensy bit about this. :)Thank you so much!!
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