Monday, March 19, 2012

Sew Modern Baby Quilt

Lizzy House is one of my favorite designers, and "Outfoxed" is a favorite design.  This baby quilt became over-sized because I couldn't resist using every fabric in the colorway!

This fun quilt is for the new baby of My Little Sailor's supervisor on the USS George Washington (go Navy!).  The baby is six weeks old, but this is more of a crib, or even youth-bed quilt than a baby quilt.  See the teddy bear?  My oldest brother brought him back from Germany, 50 or so years ago! 

Can you see the patch of bright color under Ted's right arm?  That is three hand-knit baby washcloths, made to match the quilt by my friend Deb, of The Artful Yarn.  (Psst, she sells patterns and is writing a knitting book!)

I should have dragged out the lightbox to photograph these, because it's hard to see the detail.  This one is a lovely chocolate brown, and depicts a baby bottle:

Here is a purple rocking horse:

And of course, a sailboat! His Daddy is a sailor, after all.

The pattern I used is is "Sparkling Cider" from All Washed Up.  With the borders it is 64" X 80".

This quilt be winging its way to Japan later today to wrap around baby Roman and his beautiful Mama!

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  1. wow, it's really pretty. love the little washcloths, too cute. hope the babe and new mom love it too!

  2. lovely quilt - I love Lizzy House fabrics!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! I can see why you used every fabric in this purple orange colorway of Outfoxed. Love love love this line! I have some of it hoarded away for a special project.


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