Saturday, January 7, 2012

#4 - Krazy Kats Kwilt

This is an oldie -- I calculated it must be from about 2004 or 2005, one of my 4-H'ers used this pattern for her County Fair project. The tails are formed by "Snail Trail" blocks, and I mis-pieced the 1 1/2" squares in the tails of the lime green, light blue, hot pink and print kitties.  That must be why it wound up in the "UFO bin."  It is the second of my two January UFO projects.  Now I can start something completely new, and tomorrow I'll post a photo of my first "new start" for 2012.

This will go in the "baby quilts" stack.  I'm thinking I will practice my free-motion quilting on this one.  If the quilting turns out well, I'll post a photo.  If not, it will be a kitty-cat quilt and no one but Domino, Mousse and Chutney will see it!


  1. wow! I was hoping to get to 52 things (pretty much anything) made in 2011 and fell far short, so I am truly in awe of all this beautiful endeavour! I'd better get back to the machine.

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