Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 UFOs -- First Draw

Last year I got tired of the whining from the blogger whose UFO challenge I was following, so I decided to do my own draw this year.  Because I have SO many UFOs, I am drawing two numbers each month.  Not all of them are UFOs, about half are "kits," where I have gathered all the fabric and pattern for specific quilts and not made them yet.  Both the numbers I drew last night are true UFOs:

The first number drawn is #2, a lovely Japanese taupe quilt. I made one for a graduation gift last May and had enough blocks to make a second one.  The pattern is from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.  It's called "Pandora's Box."  One of my long-armers, Connie Potter, found a quilting design with dragonflies just like the photo in the book.

The second number drawn is 4A, and this is a true UFO.  One of my 4-H'ers made a quilt just like this for a county fair project in about, oh, 2005?  I started one also to proofread the directions, and it languished in the UFO bin ever since.

So back to New Year's UFO party!


  1. I am quite intrigued by your 'draw'. Is the intention that these should be the next ones to be finished, or is there a more esoteric thing going on?
    That is quite an achievement to do so many quilt tops in a year, what will you do with them all? I wait to see!

  2. Mammafairy, here is how the UFO "draw" works:
    Earlier in December I went thru my UFOs and took out 24, starting with the ones that are closest to being finished. I really only had about 8 "true" UFOs, the rest are "kits" that may be cut out but not started, or may just be the fabric and pattern for a specific quilt. I numbered each one and put them in a big plastic bin. Then I cut out 24 pieces of paper about 1" square and numbered them 1-12 and 1A-12A. I put each set in an un-used Tupperware container and last night had my husband draw a slip of paper from each. I think it's more fun to have someone else draw the numbers -- adds a little mystery!


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