Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Stash II

Here are some more goodies from my road trip to Idaho last month.

First, have you ever seen the movie "Napoleon Dynamite?"  The town where it was filmed is Preston, Idaho. More important (to quilters, anyway) is this: Preston, Idaho is also home to Suppose Quilt Boutique.

This is one of those small-but-mighty shops -- not really all that small, they have a terrific classroom space in the back. And the best selection of modern fabrics since Snappy Quilts in Denver closed!

Here's my score from Suppose.

Have you ever seen these? They are like the red plastic sticks you use to determine the value of fabrics, but in eyeglass form. Much easier to use! Simply lay out the fabric in what you think is dark to light values, then don the glasses. The glasses remove the color from what you see, so it's easy to arrange your fabrics in value-order.

I had bought some of these Robert Kaufman essex yarn-dyed metallics cotton-linens, and wasn't overly impressed. That was before I saw this shop sample in Suppose!  Ohmigoodness! Gotta have it!

I really should have asked to take a photo of the sample, because it's gorgeous! This is one of those "I don't know who it's for, but someone will love it" quilts!

Speaking of which, I know who will love this original design from Suppose using Tula Pink fabrics. Me!

Just can't get enough Tula Pink!

And I found the perfect backing for this Cotton + Steel baby quilt!

Next week: the adventure continues!

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