Friday, January 22, 2016

First Friday Finish

of 2016!

This is the "No Measure Bargello" pattern from Cozy Quilts. It was the January Jelly Roll Party at Ruth's Stitchery. We're beginning our fourth year of Jelly Roll Parties!

I used the "Lakeside Gatherings" jelly roll and yardage. The pattern calls for two identical strips of each fabric, but my jelly roll didn't have duplicate strips. So I used strips that were similar in color and pattern.

Also, the pattern calls for copying the dimensions for the cross-cuts to butcher paper, then pressing it onto the background before cutting. Since my printer wouldn't print on the butcher paper, I just measured the width of each cross-cut and used my 24" ruler to make the cuts.

I think it turned out just fine -- and so did My Little Sailor, who is waiting for this quilt to be shipped to him in Japan!

Big weekend UFO-busting plans here, how about you?

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  1. I love the quilt! And the borders are just perfect with it, especially the flange on the binding. I can see why your little sailor is ready for it to arrive. I am moving in through my UFO's this week, thanks to several snow days. With more than 6 inches on the ground here, I'll be in all weekend. I know that's not much for you, but it paralyzes middle Tennessee because we don't get it very often and aren't equipped to deal with it. So I am staying nice and warm in my sewing room. Happy UFO finishing!

  2. I think this is stunning Marti - with whatever adaptations you had to make.

  3. I've only made one bargello quilt and it is one of my favorite quilts. Your quilt is beautiful!

  4. We are snowed in big time. Nothing to do but quilt!

  5. This is wonderful; great colors!! Bargello is on my "someday" list, but first I must get through my UFO's! Your Sailor is a lucky fellow!

  6. No snow ins in Australia. We're finally enjoying some cooler weather this week. Had a lovely get together at my place today with a dozen quilters all up and it was a lovely day of sharing quilts, plates of food and stories! UFO is well underway this month but not really likely to be in one piece before the end of the month.


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