Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Tute: Lining Up Sashing

Has this ever happened to you? You have all the blocks for a quilt made, you've attached the sashing -- then you realise the vertical sashing doesn't line up from block to block.


There's a pretty simple fix for this problem. Here's how I lined up the sashing on my recent "Downton Abbey" quilt.

1. Attach the sashing to the vertical sides of the blocks. Remember, only the first block needs sashing on both left and right sides, the remainder of the blocks in the row only need sashing on the right-hand side.

2. Attach the horizontal sashing.

3. Lay out the row of blocks on a flat surface (cutting table, ironing board). Use a clear ruler and line it up across the seam between one vertical sashing and the block, so that it crosses the horizontal sashing.

4. Here's a closer view:

5. Place a pin right where the ruler crosses the horizontal sashing. Continue across the row.

6. Place the next row of blocks (it won't have horizontal sashing) on top of the row with horizontal sashing. Match the pins up with the seams on this row of blocks:

7. Add pins as necessary to secure. I use lots of pins for this step so the blocks don't shift while sewing.

8. See? Lined up perfectly!

This quilt is at Ruth's Stitchery being quilted by Vivian -- I'll post a photo as soon as it is finished!

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  1. This is a great tip. I think that has happened to everyone at least once.

  2. Great tutorial. Getting sashing lined up can be a pain in the neck at times.

  3. I have often made tiny marks in the seam allowances of the sashing before pinning and sewing. Same idea but different execution, right?

  4. Thanks for another great tip. I am a big sashing and posts person, so I have not run the horizontal sashing all the way across the row of blocks. I like the look of it though, and your explanation sounds like a great solution when trying to keep it all lined up. :)


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