Friday, October 16, 2015

TGIFF: Jelly Roll Party Sample

When the outdoor temperature remains in the 90sF, it's hard to work on quilts! So I haven't done much quilting the past six months!

However, I did manage to finish piecing the sample for the December Jelly Roll Party. It needs to go on display at Ruth's Stitchery November 6, so must go off to Cornelia for quilting today.

It's hard to take a photo of a 78" X 93" quilt on the bed -- but this photos gives you the idea. The pattern is from Cozy Quilts, "No Measure Bargello." The fabric is Lakeside Gatherings for Moda. I'll warn you: Bargello quilts take a lot of stitching! Although the pattern calls for two matching strips of each fabric, I used one jelly roll and matched the fabrics as best I could. In the photo, it's almost impossible to tell that every other strip is a different fabric.

I thought I was sewing the lap size, but it came out big enough for a full-sized bed. Since the colors are those of Pacific Lutheran University, I guess it will go to the Elder Son for his college dorm!

My favorite weather forecaster promises temps in the 80s next week -- I hope he's right!

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  1. I love the look of Bargello quilts and made a very simple one years ago. Yours looks beautiful and makes me want to sew another one!

  2. I like the subtlety of this bargello. Some can end up really garish. Not this one. I am sure your son will love it.

  3. Great quilt and I love the colours.

  4. I love bargellos! If I was limited to making only one style of quilts, bargellos would win. Yours is lovely and I did not even notice the fabric differences until you mentioned it. So nicely done!


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