Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yarn! more Yarn!

OK, so there are yarn shops in Texas. One fairly close! I promise a full report on Inskein Yarns soon.

But first, I still have some yarns to share that are already in the stash.

Loopy Ewe has the most fun "you shop here too often" program. I qualified for the "Welcome to Denver" award. A little kit for a cute phone cozy, plus a pad of "Time Out Notes." A great idea to help keep track of where I leave off on my multiple projects!

Ewe Count in Cheyenne had a sample made from this Trendsetter Yarn. "Topper" is a fluffy, ready-made pom pom that will be perfect for granddaughter hats next winter!

Rather than make you scroll through twenty photos this week, I piled all the new "Hats for Sailors" yarn and took one photo. My favorite is "Copper Corgi" in the upper right -- exactly the color of My Little Sailor's corgi, Duncan!

I knew I wanted a Zauberball 6-ply yarn, but couldn't remember for what! Luckily, Ravelry came to the rescue and I had Brenda Dayne's "Neckfish" in my queue.

(Photo from "Welsh for Rainbow" by Brenda Dayne)

Stay tuned for the Texas Yarn Report!

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