Monday, June 9, 2014

Design Wall Monday and Destash Report

This morning it's 41 degrees (that's Fahrenheit) and windy windy windy. I am SO not going for a walk this morning, looks like I'll have to dust off the elliptical machine!

Design Wall

There's a new kid in town today. OK, not really new. And not really a kid. But there's something new on the design wall:

It's 24 blocks for my "Toes in the Sand." I started it last year with the BOM from Quilt Asylum. The fabric is Tula Pink's "Saltwater." I love this fabric so much, I accidentally bought the fat quarter bundle also. In a few years, it might make its way to my De-Stash offer!

Here are the blocks with the background fabrics. It's impossible to photograph this fabric, but it's a very pale lemon-green.

Even Tula Pink's website doesn't really show the true color, but you can see the design in this photo from her website, ihearattulapink.

I was lucky to be able to cut all the background pieces from this same fabric, even though the kit included a different fabric for the outside half-triangle setting pieces. I think it looks like the blocks are floating on the sand!

If the stars align and My Little Sailor comes home on leave in September, and if my friend's beach house is available, and if it doesn't snow (hey, that's a real possibility in September!): this quilt will be a hostess gift for the beach house!

stitch by stitch

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Destash Report

I was amazed and pleased that more than one person was interested in my Vin du Jour destash! It will be on its way to the first taker as soon as the wind dies down.

And vaf, I'm sorry but I can't take a check. Not that I worry your check isn't good, it's just that I don't do the bank thing!

I have more, so I'm thinking each Sunday until I empty the "this needs to go" bin, I'll offer another destash bundle.

Photo: This is what happens when there are 80 quilt-block-a-day blocks on the design wall when a thunderstorm blow through an open window.

Since the wind is blowing and it's cold, I'm going to hide out in the upstairs sewing room and work on A Quilt Block a Day. As of Saturday, we should have 80 blocks finished. Oh, I have them finished, all right. And they're scattered all over the sewing room! That's what happens when the window is left open and a severe thunderstorm blows through Colorado!

I have a new product to test for the Sew Steady extension table. Come back tomorrow to see if it's worth the purchase price!

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  1. That was a lot of "IFS" for September. and a lot of piecing in those triangles.

  2. Where are you Siberia? ;) It's hovering around 110 here, I'll send you some heat if you send me some of that cooler air ;)

    Love your Toes in the Sand! That background fabric is awesome!


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