Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Planning Ahead

Many quilters consider planning quilts, shopping for specific colors, and diving into the "stash" to be the most fun part of quilting.

Clearly, I'm no exception! Have you seen Bonnie Hunter's announcement of her next mystery quilt, "Grand Illusion?" Have you started to pull fabrics from your stash? Maybe you need to do a little shopping?

Here are the colors Bonnie recommends for this year's quilt:

I stopped by Ruth's Stitchery this morning to see what they have in this color range. There are lots more, but here are just a few I picked out to match the color cards:

I prefer bright, clear colors -- so I had plenty in my own stash!

Note: Aqua leans to green, not blue, as does Turquoise:

I love this bright apple (or grass?) green:

Can you tell pink is my favorite color?

I bought the yellow on the left at High Country Quilts. Then I saw the one on the right at Ruth's today. It's the one "constant" color in the quilt, so I'll have to choose!

I'm excited that Ruth's is hosting a "sit and sew" for the Winter Mystery. If you're in the area, bring your fabrics, machine and printed instructions from Bonnie to the shop at 9 am on Friday, November 28. It's fun to sew with friends!

WIP Wednesday

I test-sewed one block for our December Jelly Roll Party. The pattern is "Basket Weave" from The Quilt Room.

This isn't the fabrics I'll use for the actual sample quilt -- they're leftovers from a Sandy Gervais collection. In case you didn't notice, the center is an Octagon -- NOT a Hexagon! I have several Hexagon rulers, but couldn't find an Octagon template! The pattern requires enlarging the Octagon template by 400%, with each side measuring 3.75". WELL, at 400%, each side measures 3.78"! The DH noticed one side is about 1/4" longer than the others. I'm hoping when I start on the sample, I'll be able to "sliver" down the sides to measure exactly 3.75".

If you're a knitter, come back tomorrow for a sneak peak at a new yarn shop in Colorado Springs!

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  1. I have been to to different Lowe's to find the paint chips. I got all but the blue. There were out at both locations. We must have a lot of quilters in town going for paint chips. Bonnie should have given Lowe's warning.

  2. Love the colours - and I love your paint chips - what a clever idea to have a hole in them. Goodluckwith that block - maybe its worth re drafting the whole block.

  3. I loved Easy Street because I used different colours than Bonnie's...right now I have too many things on the go and those colours really aren't speaking to me, so unless I find an assortment that does, I'll be just watching this year.

  4. I pulled from my "stash"........excited to see how this develops. Think I will ask at my guild meeting in November if anyone else is doing this MQ. It would be fun to sew with a group of friends. I blogged about the MQ last week, but none of my readers are playing along. :(


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