Monday, October 27, 2014

Bag It!

I love test-sewing for designers. I get such a kick out of seeing patterns before they are released!

One of my favorite designers is Sara Lawson, of Sew Sweetness.

I recently test-sewed her new bag design, Crimson & Clover.  This bag is a takeoff of the classic "train case." How I wish I had my mother's old Samsonite train case!

The bag comes in three sizes. I chose to make the smallest size. I modified the interior to make it a nail polish bag (no surprise there!).

I photographed it on my 6.5" ruler so you can see the "real" size!

Of course, I inserted a "My Aunt Marti Made It" and "PeaceLoveandHappiness" label in the back seam.

I also added a tiny little zipper trinket, just for fun!

The pattern calls for fabric pockets inside. Instead, I used decorative elastic and stitched it down at 1.25" increments to hold bottles of nail polish.

The smallest size of Sephora's Instant Nail Polish Remover fits perfectly in the middle. [As an aside, this is the best polish remover for traveling. It has a sponge inside, and you stick your finger in the bottle and wiggle it around -- polish comes off super fast!]


This little cutie holds enough polish for a two-week trip to Oregon and California (as me how I know) even for a polish addict like me!  Go to Sara's blog to see more photos of this great bag. I plan to make one of the larger sizes next.

Thanks, Sara, for the chance to test-sew this adorable bag!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature


  1. what a cute littel bag - and so useful! i know you will have much fun with it. ^^
    Greetings, Rike

  2. That is fabulous! Great job on it!

  3. That is so the colours...

  4. That is a great bag, put to a good use too! Love your fabric choices!

  5. the bag looks great, and what a fun use you've put it to! I only wear polish on my toes so I'n not sure the Sephora polish remover would work for me!

  6. This is so fun! I love your fabric, and the fact that you made it a nail polish bag is so cool

  7. love the fabric and the cute little bag. Nice and compact!! Love your "personal labels" too. I have made my own labels, but think a "redesign" is in order, along with a new color of ribbon!


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