Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I'm desperately behind on my Block of the Month projects. Because I wanted to share some new Flying Geese tricks yesterday, I'm up-to-date on at least one!

One of my Block Parties at Ruth's Stitchery is making Lori Holt's "Quilty Fun" row quilt.

Quilty Fun "Lessons in Scrappy Patchwork" by Lori Holt
We've completed five rows so far. This week I finished 48 teeny tiny Flying Geese for row 5:

Oops -- I found the fifth row in my "Quilty Fun" bin after I took the photo.

Here are some close-up of this week's Flying Geese row:

Those "geese" are only 1.5" by 2" finished! I'm really pleased with the way they turned out.

I plan to have a sneak preview of my Mother's Day gifty from My Little Sailor tomorrow. Hope you'll come back to see how it's coming along!

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  1. that's a fun quilt and very tiny geese! Guess you are almost over your dislike of them...

  2. Your flying geese are just adorable! I love all the fabrics. I really enjoyed the tutorial yesterday. You must be a geese expert by now.

    1. Linda, I have to admit I have finally found a flying geese method that "works!" They still annoy me, but I do like the way these babies turned out!


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