Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Testing testing testing

The boys bought me an iPad for Mother's Day. This is a test post to see if I can figure out how to blog from this surface!

Ok, got it. The only problem is, I don't see how to re-size the photos. I usually set them to 450 on the largest side. Any iPad users out there have some advice?

Tomorrow is the May Day UFO Parade. Is your April UFO finished? Email a photo and description to AuntMarti at 52quilts dot com,

From the desk of your auntmartisignature


  1. I have an iPad but I've never used it to post on my blog so I'm no use to you in resizing the photos. I love my iPad. I use mine to read blogs, books, magazines, and I play Scrabble and a few other games.

  2. Sorry - cant help but I like that star pattern and will use it in the next week.. (At least we don't have to click on the image to see the detail!!!)

  3. Marti, I am just coming to the end of 7 weeks of travelling OS and have had to use my iPad for everything...emailing, Facebooking, navigating and blogging. It has got easier but I still don't know how to resize photos...sometimes they insert in a large form...others in a smaller one...the iPad decides! Lol. However it's much easier to carry and much easier getting it through airport security. I even leave it in my handbag at the airport.

  4. I have recently started using my iPad for posting on my Blog and I love how easy it is to take and edit pictures, but I am waiting with baited breath for someone to answer on the resizing question you asked.

  5. use the free apps to download onestop photo edit its suppose to work


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