Sunday, March 30, 2014

Block a Day: Day 11

How is your Block a Day project coming along? Today you should be making the 11th block!

I'm making my BaD blocks as my "leaders and enders" this weekend. Bonnie Hunter coined the term "Leaders and Enders" for this method.

Many quilters sew onto a scrap of fabric at the end of a row of chain piecing. I've heard it called a "peanut" or the "two quilts at once" method. Rather than just cutting your thread, or sewing onto a scrap of fabric, keep a stack of quilt squares next to your machine and stitch two together at the end of each seam on your main quilt. It's amazing how fast a "block a day" is made using Bonnie's clever idea!

In fact, Bonnie has several books that celebrate her method. Here is my favorite:

If your LQS doesn't stock Bonnie's books, you can order a copy here.

I'm keeping up with my daily blocks, here are the 11 I've finished so far:

Not the best photo, the blocks are hanging on the very corner of my design wall. I marked my calendar so I know how many I should have done in increments of 10 -- April 8th is the day for the 20th block.

I can't wait to see what everyone makes BaD!

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  1. I've got 10 but spent time cutting out pieces for the next 5 today. I love using the Leaders and Enders technique. It is almost like getting a 'free' quilt from your quilting time. I am also working on cleaning up my scrap tote full of fabric (a la Bonnie Hunter's website) and keep a pile of 2 in. squares next to the machine.
    they really add up without even thinking of it!

  2. So glad to find another "LE" addict! You're right, it's almost like getting a second quilt free!

  3. Love Leaders and Enders! I have been using that for my postage stamp quilt, I have a long way to go, but combined with strip piecing, it is a breeze!
    I have 11 squares done, all 720 corners marked (768 actually, I cut 16 fat quarters and have extra's) and most of the center squares done. I didn't follow directions though and those need to be
    Having tons of fun and can't wait to see this come together!
    Is this going to be a 9 x 10 layout? Figure I might just as well assemble as I go, always seem to fizzle at that part :/

  4. I decided not to do this one but who knows I might do the next one! I might have to find myself a leader/ender project. Something that uses up my scraps I think!

  5. Your stars look wonderful. I stil haven't got on the block a day thing, I'm not entirely sure what it is! I've just started using leaders and enders and made an entire splash mat using them this weekend whilst piecing something else!

  6. @Wendy, I love that you made a whole piece while L&E'ing another item !~! That's a rich story. My L&Es are about to become a "thang". I've been chaining coins and I think there are enough to make a pillow that will be so Cool !!


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