Friday, January 3, 2014

The First Finish!

Wy yes, yes I did start this quilt in 2013.. But I finished it in 2014, so it's the first finish of the year!

Introducing "Tribute," by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life:

I used a jelly roll of Moda's "Mid Winter Reds" by Minick and Simpson. Can you spot the "Amish mistake?" I left it there on purpose because I thought it would make you look more closely at the quilt!

"Tribute" is the February project for Jelly Roll Party at Ruth's Stitchery. Today is the last day of the Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice Mystery sew-along at Ruth's. I'm all caught up on the segments -- it may become the second finish of 2014!

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Come back tomorrow for more news about Twelve Finishes in Twenty Fourteen! 

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  1. Love the new blog look!!! Purty!

  2. It's even quilted. You are on a roll. I just finished strip club top for the store yesterday.

  3. Oh your first finish of the year is beautiful! I have a jelly roll of Blues I just may have to go check out that pattern. Can wait to see your CS. Happy New Year!

  4. A little sparkle there, Aunt Marti! It's a really pretty quilt and the sparkle adds character! Whoop whoop!!

  5. I got so excited about your first finish, I forgot to look at the new blog appearance! Congrats on your first finish of the year in such amazing time (I know, it started in 2013, but still, it's only 3 days in!!!), and the new background and appearance are beautiful!

    I was secretly hoping to finish a very old WIP before the new year, and then when that failed, I thought maybe I could get it done on New Year's Day... alas, I don't have the will power you posess!

  6. Your first finish is on the 3rd of January? That has to be some kind of record! Well done! :o)

  7. Love mid winter reds and it looks great with that design. I am a fairly new quilter so I don't see the mistake. I think it looks perfect!

  8. I am just thinking about sewing again - after the Christmas decorations are put away! I agree that sometimes it is best to leave mistakes to make the work "interesting". Wonderful job, and I hope to get a completed project soon.

    1. Thanks, Irene -- looking forward to seeing your UFO finishes this year!

  9. Beautiful finish Marti - Congratulations! I think I spy the mistake - love it!

  10. You're right - I had to look very closely to find it . . . I better get cracking and get my a project finished before month end!
    Whoop Whoop for you

  11. Nope, don't see the mistake. And I'm not a new quilter. A very cheery color scheme for that pattern. Nice to have a finish so early in the year.

  12. Really, it's there! Third row from the bottom . . . .

  13. I see it but if you hadn't pointed it out I probably wouldn't have! One project done and dusted - good on you - its lovely too! I'm well along with my first finish (seeing as my niece's baby is due 1st Feb and she doesn't look like making it that far) so should be done soon too. Have a quilting get together on the 19th so hoping to have it finished to take to show off! More incentive!


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