Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Friday Finishes

I thought I was going to finish a quilt at Strip Club today, but with upwards of 5" more snow predicted, I think NOT!

It's a stay-inside-and-knit-you-clever-girl kind of day! Here's what I finished last night:

The daughter of a quilting buddy fell and cracked her head while "twirling." You KNOW how those head wounds bleed -- she needed seven stitches! She needs a hat! This is an adaptation of the From Norway With Love pattern on Ravelry. 

I also finished both the January and February "Monthly Mini" door hangers. Beth talked me into it (really, it's all her fault) but Betsy is keeping me up to speed -- she already has the March one finished! They really are fun, and I bet Ruth's Stitchery still has kits available.

Not quilting or knitting, but I had to share this photo of My Little Sailor's dog, Duncan, guarding the front door.

And the Devil Cat of Doom, Moussa Koussa peering out the front window!

What is going on out there?  Oh -- DH is shoveling snow! Mousse is certain if we just tried, we could make it be 70 degrees when she wants to go outside!

Last day of the month, and I have all the January boxes checked off, save the Marti Michell BOM. And it doesn't start until tomorrow, so, woot woot, I'm all caught up!

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  1. What a cute, cute hat! Thanks for including the link. Love sewing but love knitting too!

  2. That hat would make any girl feel better -- it'a adorable! :)

  3. Love the hat, Marti. I hope the (wee?) girl's head gets better soon. Clever you to get all your January boxes ticked off. That might sound a bit strange but it's what we in Scotland call what you call "checked off". :oD

  4. Gorgeous hat...if only we ever needed beanies...bit cold for the animals I guess.....

  5. I probably won't officially join your 12 Finishes, but sure appreciate the encouragement and eye candy! Your tally board is amazing!!!!


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