Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday Remote Report

 It was a beautiful week in Idaho at Payette Lake.  See?

It's hard to concentrate on your sewing with a view like this!  I did manage to finish two tops (photos on Friday!) and the blocks for another quilt.

Carol Anne taught the class wherein we made Paragon Pavers (because they're Practically Perfect!).  Except mine isn't perfect, I sewed the framing strips on wrong.  Oh well, some careful pressing will fix that.

 Don't you love the blue batiks?  Carol Anne's Passional Purple Paragon Pavers (isn't alliteration fun?) is stunning:

As is her "Romantic Paragon Pavers."

I was sad to leave the Lake, and Idaho. Here is a farewell photo for you:

Come back Friday for my Friday Finish report!

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  1. The quilts look fab and the lake photos are amazing! :o)

  2. The quilts are great but how on earth did you get anything done with that stunning view.

  3. I love all the PPP's!
    I seem to recall a photo of that lake last year - still stunning!!n what a lovely spot to go retreating (or camping as you say)

  4. Wow....quilts and the view are amazing!

  5. What a lovely place to sit and sew!


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