Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

It's been awhile since I've dug through the scrap boxes on a Sunday.

Thanks to Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville, I spent an enjoyable afternoon digging through my scraps today looking for fabrics for Bonnie's next mystery quilt! Each autumn, Bonnie hosts a Mystery QAL  on her blog. I swore to myself I wouldn't start this year's scrappy mystery, as I have yet to complete last year's "Easy Street."

That was fine, until I saw the colors Bonnie has selected for this year!  All my favorites! Orange, yellow, green and blue. She's calling the quilt "Celtic Solstice."  Here are my fabrics for this project:

I think I was the first person at my local Lowe's picking through the Olympic paint chips. Here is Bonnie's photo of the paint chips:
CelticSolstice 009

Not surprisingly, I had enough of the blues and greens that I didn't need to buy any extra.

But I was short on orange, and I'm still not sure these are the best match to the color cards:

Bonnie recommends "shirtings" for the background. Hooray, I will have to shop for more of those!

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Scrap Basket Sunday

The first clue for Celtic Solstice goes "live" on Friday, November 29. Good thing I don't shop that day, because I'll be busy cutting and sewing my "Celtic Solstice!"

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  1. I was at Goodwill today looking to augment my supply of neutrals (men's shirts!). My stash was kind to me. My favorite quilt store had a sale last Monday and I picked up a few suitable things; another favorite quilt store is having a sale next Friday and I hope to pick up a few more things there. The stars are all aligning properly...

  2. What a great way to choose colours for a quilt. Makes perfect sense when you think about it. I'll watch this one with interest. :o)

  3. Always a shame when you have to go shopping!!! (NOT) love the colours you have so far - looks like it will be very bright

  4. Bonnie Hunter's mysteries are spectator sports for me; I'll be watching. I sure can see how the colors tempted you.

  5. Oh I am doing her quilt too! I have never joined in on one before so looking forward to it. Having a little difficulty picking my fabrics so was happy to see some of your picks. Think it may help me decide. I love following your blog!

    1. Thanks, Linda -- I am trying to finish my "Easy Street" from last year before I begin this one!


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