Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One Block Wonder WIP Wednesday

The wonder is, why did I wait so long to make this quilt? 

One Block Wonder is the most fun I've had quilting in a long, long time! "Newbie Jen" at Quilter in the Closet has been sponsoring a One Block Wonder QAL. Last fall at Cindy's retreat in Cascade, Idaho my tablemate was making this quilt using this fabric:

I fell in love with her quilt, and because I had to race down to the airport in Boise to pick up My Little Sailor, I stopped off at Quilt Expressions in Garden City and bought all they had left of the fabric.

And the book:

When Jen announced the QAL, I dug out the fabric and the book and started cutting:

I made a few kaleidoscopes and put them up on the design wall to admire. This is going to be fun!

Finally, this week I finished making the rest of the blocks and spent an afternoon arranging them on the design wall in my new upstairs sewing room (with the really, really BIG design wall!):

Arranging the hexies is addictive!

Wait a minute, isn't that a little off center?


Of course, this quilt must be sewn together in ROWS, and you know I hate to sew row after row together. But this is one that cannot be taken down from the design wall, so it will be finished before I can start anything else!

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Friday is the October UFO Parade. Send me a message with a photo of your October finish by midnight tomorrow night to be included in the parade!

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  1. What a fun project! It's looking great on your design wall!

  2. I love kaleidoscopes from traditional "rose" fabrics. Your fabrics is modern for me, but hexies look great! Nice choice, thanks for sharing.

  3. OBWs are so addicting. Bet you can't make just one! It's a curse and a blessing that all the rows have to be sewn to get it off the design wall (if it could come down partway through mine would likely end up unfinished in a bin!). It's a tedious task, especially after all the fun of arranging the hexie blocks, but so worth it when the top is done. Yours is lovely!

  4. Wow, that is just stunning, Marti! :o)

  5. Looks like a lot of work to me. It is simply amazing!

  6. Congrats for your OBW, I am one day short for linking by Jen ...:( and like you, I have the rows to be sewn together, before starting something else !

  7. These quilts intrigue me as they haven't caught on in England yet (not in my little town anyway!). I first saw one over at Faeries and fibres, where KAren had made a red quilt using the same technique. I like it how the original fabric kind of dissappears when you start to cut and rejoin it.
    I look forward to seeing this one develop.
    Have a nice day!

  8. I made a similar kaleidoscope quilt many years ago, only in a lap quilt size. I can't imagine doing one as large as yours! It truly looks amazing. I have been working on my October UFO finally, but I don't think I will make the finish deadline today. At least I can see the end in sight for this one however.

    1. Not to worry, Irene -- enter your "October" UFO when it's finished and I'll be sure to include it in the November parade!

  9. I agree with Anne - STUNNING! I honestly would have never picked up that book or thought I wanted to make an OBW - until now.

  10. Fun!!! I wanted so much to do this QAL, but couldn't put the funds out to get the fabric and book. Very cool mix you've got here from this fabric. :D And, yeah - I can sure see why you just cannot take it down from the wall except straight to the seaming line!

  11. I just looked at the other OBWs and now I have to try one! Mine will be lap size, not bed size though!


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