Monday, October 14, 2013

Design Wall Monday: BOM Catch-up

After three days of sewing nothing but "Farmer's Wife" blocks, I am caught up on all but one of my Blocks of the Month projects!

First up, finally a second colorway for the "Toes in the Sand" BOM from the Quilt Asylum. Yep, that's Tula Pink's Saltwater.

Two different colorways of the same blocks from two different years of Patchwork Party (left two are from 2010, right two are from 2012).  The more I use Marti Michell's clever templates, the more I love them!

This quilt will be the first one I put together for the 2014 UFO Challenge -- because I want to take Ryokan to Japan as a housewarming gift for My Little Sailor!

My Amish With a Twist BOM from Ruth's Stitchery is almost to the point where I can decide on a background color. I decided the black was just too predictable. Ruth's has the entire line of Northcott Premium ColorWorks Solids, so there will be a perfect color just waiting for me, I know!

This isn't one block, it's part of the "piano key" border. I appreciate that the pattern has you make a few of these each month, rather than a whole passle when the blocks are finished. They're boring!

This is my shining accomplishment of the week! That's 18 (count them. I've counted them about 100 times, I can't believe I made that many 6.5"  blocks at once!) Farmer's Wife blocks!

If you're the least bit interested in making a Farmer's Wife quilt (and I love the ones in blogland made with modern fabrics, or just two colors. But never again!), I highly recommend you sign up for Marti Michell's "Farmers Wife" conversion charts. She sends one free set of instructions per week, and the next round of 10 sets begins Friday, October 18. Using her templates, the blocks go together like a hot knife through buttah. 

Here it is, my "BOM Control Central" board. That 3D Sampler quilt from Cindy's Quilt Shop is still kicking my butt. The blocks finish at 6" and the 3D technique requires insane amounts of concentration!

And here is the "October Quilts" list. Since I took this photo, I've crossed off ONE item on the list -- the jewelry roll test sew.

A teaser photo of that project: It turned out great, but we'll have to wait until Laura publishes the pattern to see the finished product! (And BTW, Amy, she says "thanks" for the photoshop tip!)

Since this post is already enormously photo-heavy, I'll leave you with a screen shot of my new desktop wallpaper. That's the USS George Washington, CVN 73 (that means aircraft carrier) departing Busan, South Korea.

Fair winds and following seas, Sailors!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature


  1. Everything looks amazing, Marti - especially your new desktop photo. :o)

  2. Looks as if all is going well! Love all of the blocks. You sure are organized!

  3. Ha, you're making me want to have more projects on my walls! I really love the triangle blocks, I am not sure I have every seen anybody working on an in progress quilt with blocks that shape, can't wait to see how these all turn out!

  4. That control board cracked me up! With your lineup I can see it would be necessary!

  5. Holy cow! I just can't believe how much you have going on at one time, and how much you are able to accomplish. Plus, your work is so beautiful. I thought I was something for working on two quilt tops in one day!!! (neither finished...)

    Thank you for all the inspiration!

  6. Wow, Marti - I'm in love with your BOM Central Control Board. :) I can't believe you got that many Farmer's Wife blocks done in one week! You are wonder woman in the sewing room, for sure. ;D And I recognize those Patchwork Party blocks - you're right about those templates being handy. I have a couple PP BOMs still in the "Deep Storage" that need to come out to my regular BOM lineup - one will show up next month, actually, when I have an opening. And mostly: adding my wishes for Fair Winds for your Sailor.


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