Monday, September 9, 2013

BOM-Again Day

In order to use my design wall, I had to put together my quilt for Wednesday's Block Party at Ruth's Stitchery. It's a Debbie Caffrey mystery quilt, so I won't tell you the name.

The colors in my photos aren't especially true -- the background is the light blue shown above.

Here is the beginning of the first border, there are two more:

I'll have the borders on in time for Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday!

Remember I was making a "BOM Block-a-Day" for the summer challenge?  Today I made 16! They aren't very big (each finishes at 3"!) but they are 3D and are tricky to put together, so I'm counting each one as a block. I haven't decided how I want to lay out the quilt, so they won't be sewn together until all the blocks are done. I'm only on month 4.

These blocks are from Jackie Robinson's "3D Patchwork Block of the Month." I don't know if you can see it in the photos, but the center of each "bow tie" is folded so it's 3D.

I also made two more "Vintage Memories" blocks, this is month 7:

I also finished one more Ryokan block, but it looks like I forgot to take a photo! I'll save that for WIP Wednesday.

Last "hot" day in Colorado, tomorrow the temp is supposed to be in the low to mid 60s.  Goodbye Summer!

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  1. Not much time for sewing here this month so I have to live vicariously through others! Not sure I'm going to have time to tackle my UFO for the month either but I'm not getting wound up over it, things will calm down and I'll get back to quilting sooner or later!

  2. we can just see the 3d!! - I'd like to try that one day...
    Groan - its hello summer already here - 32C tomorrow...that's 90 for you (28 today and 60% humidity)

  3. Lovely blocks and quilt tops. Hugs.........

  4. I love the 3D bows, Marti. I'm kind of scared to suggest that the brown/maroon one on the left (second from the top) might facing the wrong way. But then you do say you haven't decided on a final layout so, please, feel free to ignore me and my layout-OCD! :oD

  5. Love your 3D bows and the quilt tops. Summer is desperately trying to hold on here but the temperature has dropped here in the UK.

  6. Lovely work. I really like the 3D bows.

    Enjoy your cooler temps. I saw there was lots of hail there too.

  7. I really love your mystery quilt. I never make them.. I hate surprises... I can't believe that the first picture is the beginning of the second photo. I just keep looking at it. So beautiful.

  8. I have to agree with Sooli, that this month may be a break in my momentum. We will be leaving next week for the rest of September to visit family and not an easy time to quilt anything! I may not even get my stained glass block done, but there is always October! Family comes first this month. I will also enjoy the wonderful projects from everyone else and add to my "must make" list for the future! A bow tie quilt has been there for a LONG time.

  9. Beautiful quilts! You have a great eye for color...

  10. I love all of your blocks. How fun is that tiny bow tie?


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