Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday is for . . . Schnibbles!

Remember last week when I whined that I had to finish five quilts before the end of the month? Here is #4, the July Vintage Schnibbles project. It's Quilt #32 for 2013!

The pattern is "Lincoln," from Another Bite of Schnibbles by Carrie Nelson.

Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)

The neat thing about this book of quilt patterns is that each design is made with either 5" charm squares, or 10" layer cakes.

I chose the layer cake size, because I wanted a bed-sized quilt. Of course, I made a few modifications. I'm not a fan of square quilts, so I thought I would make my quilt 5 blocks by 9 blocks. When I got it on the design wall, I decided it was too long. So I cut the two extra rows of rail fence blocks at 4.5" and used them for the outside borders.

The print fabric is Sweetwater's new line, Road 15. When they were designing this fabric, they asked their blog readers to send in their street address, which was used for one of the prints in this fabric line. I don't see "Oz Court" on the fabric, but I've only seen the pre-cuts so far. I hope it will show up on the yardage!  The background is my favorite Moda Bella Solid, Porcelain.

I've submitted this quilt to Sinta at Pink Pincushion for Thursday's "Vintage Schnibbles" parade.


I'll be hosting my own parade on Thursday, the July UFOs. Come back and see what everyone finished this month!

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  1. Sunday for Schnibbles - great idea! And every other day for UFOs.

  2. Love your Schnibbles. I haven't had time to start mine this month but I like the pattern so will make a start on it tomorrow and who knows I may get it finished in a couple of days.

    1. Lyndsey, it only took one long day and one quick hour (for the borders) to make the large size! Carrie's instructions are so detailed!

  3. It looks fabulous, Marti. :o)

  4. How much fun would it be to have your address on some fabric!! Lovely pattern - that would look good as a patriotic one too!

  5. You are speedy! Can I ask what do you do with all these quilts you churn out?! (and are you a secret millionaire to afford all the fabric you must go through?!). Must send you my link and photos for this month's UFO tonight!

  6. I do love that pattern book! Your quilt is the piano key border.

  7. I love your Lincoln Schnibbles! Great idea for the border too. Your color choices are beautiful.

  8. What a beautiful Lincoln Schnibble! I just finished mine also.


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