Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Why I Don't Like It

Oh, it's not WIP Wednesday I don't like.  It's this quilt, the April project for Jelly Roll Party:

And again, it's not this quilt design I don't like.  Or the fabric I don't like.

It's the combination of this pattern and this fabric.

The pattern is "Garden Paths" by Amanda Murphy.  The sample quilt is made with Amanda's "Veranda" collection for Robert Kaufman.  It is a lovely collection of multi-colored floral and citrus-y prints.  I am using a new line from Moda, Sakura Park by Sentimental Studios.

Sakura Park Jelly Roll
(photo lifted from Suzzett's Fabric)

I chose this fabric because "Veranda" is no longer available, and I think it's important to make shop samples from fabric that is available at our host shop, Ruth's Stitchery.

Here is the photo of the original sample quilt:

As you can see, the original fabric has a wide variety of colors and prints.  Sakura basically has three colors, pink, blue and green.  I chose the pink tone-on-tone as my accent color.  It is turning out to be a really, really PINK quilt.

Plus, once again, a photo highlights a piecing mistake I made:  twice, I have the same green prints adjacent to each other.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday, the QuiltCon edition, at Freshly Pieced.


Sigh.  I have to finish this sample, but I do have a "Veranda" jelly roll.  "Someday" I will make the quilt again using Amanda's fabric!

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  1. I see what you are saying... sometimes a pattern is really suited for a certain fabric line or something very similar.

    It seems like jelly roll patterns are especially prone to this - some lines have so many lights that you lose the contrast against a white background. On the flip side, sometimes you don't have enough lights if the pattern uses lights/darks in blocks!

  2. I had not seen the Garden path pattern and really like the way the pattern ebbs and flows. The original pattern does have a variety of candy colours in it's mix, but I am taken by the more subdued feel of your quilt. Your quilt has a different flow to it, but it I think it works. It is different, but still lovely.

  3. In quilting, I believe there are no mistakes, only lessons learned ;-) And the good news is that even if one decides that her fabric choices wasn't great, someone else will come along and simply love it.

  4. I'm sure once you've finished it you will love it again - it will look lovely!

  5. You're not having such a great day are you?? Shame you can't just put it away for a week or 2 and have a fresh look when you come back to it - I can send you a hug but it doesn't really help - just too many lights in that range. Was it for you or a shop one?? As Sophie says - a lesson learned.

  6. Never mind, can't win every time. I'm not much of a muted colours girl, I much prefer bright colours but I know they're not everyone's cup of tea either!

  7. I looked at the top photo before I read your comments about it and my immediate thought was "meh". For some reason the pattern just doesn't work with those fabrics. Having said that, I'm sure others will think it's just perfect. :o)

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