Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mystery WIP Wednesday

I "sort of" had a day off yesterday -- both my "deadline" quilts were in limbo.  My 100 Blocks sample quilt was waiting for some Moda Bella Solids to arrive at Ruth's Stitchery, and my Scrap Squad quilt was at the quilter's.  So I pulled out this mystery quilt from last year.

I've already made this quilt once, in batiks.  But when I saw Betty's quilt in reproduction fabrics, I just had to make it again.  I had the blocks complete, so I thought I would be able to finish it before today's Block Party. Here is where I was when I went to bed last night:

I should be able to sew twenty blocks together before noon, right?

Except I forgot the sashing had starred cornerstones:

This is where I was when I had to leave for my quilt group:

There is one more border, into which the stars extend.  I will wait until the blocks are all sewn together before deciding what fabric to use, or if I should make it scrappy.  Ohmigoodness, I see a piecing mistake in the top row, second block from the left!  And now I see another mistake on the second row!  That's what I get for sewing at night --glad I don't have the block sewn together yet!

Here is the same quilt made from just three (maybe four) fabrics.  Really looks different, doesn't it?

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Is there a WIP on your design wall this week?

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  1. Sometimes its good to stand back and smell the roses - oops I mean - look at the blocks - funny how a photo shows them up! I guess you didn't finish as soon as you thought you would - but such an effective quilt.

  2. Very nice and I love the star sashing. I love the way that different fabric choices can totally change the look of a quilt.

  3. It looks amazing, Marti. Great job! :o)

  4. It is lovely, such a lot done in such a short time. You must be pleased with yourself. Hugs.....

  5. Always interesting to see how changing a few colours changes the whole look of a quilt. I had thought that you might have mixed up that block in the 2nd row as a deliberate error but I guess not!

  6. Oh wow, Marti! Such a pretty quilt! I love the addition of the cornerstones!

  7. This quilt is amazing! I love that you showed us a picture of the blocks and then the difference that the starred sashing makes. I need my visuals. You are soooo talented!

  8. I love them both. Really great design. Yes I have a WIP on my design wall and hope to get the top done this weekend.


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