Saturday, October 6, 2012

Farmer's Wife

Thursday this week was "Farmer's Wife" club at High Country Quilts.

Karen pointed out that this is the third year of our Farmer's Wife project!

I now have completed 63 blocks (plus two I have marked as completed in my book, but can't find!).

There are 111 blocks in the finished quilt -- so I'm more than halfway there!

Today is the Navy-Air Force game at the US Air Force Academy.  It's going to be a cold one, and wouldn't you know, this is the first time I've bought a ticket to the game?  Lucky for me, I have silk longjohns and my friend Joy is hosting the tailgate.  I may spend most of the game in Joy's SUV, knitting!

Go Navy!

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  1. Your blocks are fantastic! ENJOY the game!

  2. Your blocks are looking great, hope you find those other sneaky two blocks!

  3. What gorgeous blocks! (and yup, go Navy!)

  4. Are you doing it once a week? looks awesome!!
    I just started a BOW with women of the bible....

  5. Wow...the blocks look wonderful.

    Go Navy! Have fun at the game.

  6. Have fun and stay warm. :) Your blocks are gorgeous!!!

  7. Fabulous work! Am finally going to dive in and start my FW quilt this week ... Yikes :)


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