Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Strip Club

I'm working on the sample for the November Strip Club quilt at High Country Quilts.

We'll be making "Classic Rendition 1 & 2" by Antler Quilt Designs.

This pattern is a two-for-one design. While making the pieces for the main block, you can also make the HSTs for a second quilt!

I just started on this last night, so I'm only to step 2.  The blocks are made with a unique method:  First, you sew a lot of  2 1/2" X 10" strips together with a partial seam.  (Only sew halfway down the long side.)

Then mark the background squares corner to corner, and again 1/2" away from that mark.

If you have a Quick Quarter tool, it is really easy to make both marks at one time, since the tool is 1/2" wide.

Stitch the background squares onto the sewn strips, then cut halfway between the marks.

 Press and you have completed Step 2 of this quilt.

The bonus block looks like this:

That's as far as I've sewn -- because it is WIP Wednesday!  Linking up!


Come back tomorrow when I announce the Braid In a Day Quilt Along!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics and love the pattern.
    Just stopping by for the dots hop and became a new follower.
    Off to find your dots...

  2. I've only done partial seams once before and I didn't enjoy them!!

  3. Very nifty - clever little ruler that one! it could almost be a mystery quilt if you didnt know where it was going... great colours.

  4. And here I thought you had set up some sordid quilt themed strip club! Hehehe! Looks interesting, I haven't made a block where I had to only sew part the way along.


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